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    Dear Athenmos12 and captainvenoms,

    I sorry to the bottom of my hear  for my rude behavior today for me attacking u and ruining the friendship ceromony. As I hope you accept this apology. I will not harm you two for awhile. I have a kingdom I need to work on

    I pray you forgive me and that we can start off with a fresh start. UNICORNJUNK I know your nation does not allow girls, it’s ok I’m fine with it.

    Athenmos12 I feel we got our anger out on each other today I killed u u killed me, blah blah blah. I know we had our diffrences and I want to be friends one day.

    captain I hope you can forgive me and that we can continue our friendship.

    I will stay low for a while as I will improve my combat skills and upgrade my diamond armor sets and tools.

    Athenmos I hope our future is bright and that we can become fiends one day tho it will be hard todo I know we both did wrong things.ni forgive you.ni hope you forgive me

    @captainvenoms @unic0rnjunk101

    Bye 🙂

    Alex Lazescu
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    Viva le Revolution! Death to the Monarchy!

    Retired Pirate 6/25/14 -- 6/15/15

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    I accept apology! 😀

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    oh please! First Im not a queen I took monarchy down, second I will pay dearly?! ATHEN OPEN UR EYES U used to terrorize me an raid me and kill me multiple times and now since I’m returning the favor u don’t like that so much, now if u would have never made me fear U like U did befor then ur wrong. Plus I am trying to make peace when ur trying to make a mess, I know I didn’t some stuff and u did to don’t put all that on me,

    Athen I said nothing about war, or preparing to attack u, I’m just saying after yesterday’s attack it was pretty hard in my inv so u need to stop thinking its to u.. I am trying to solve this situation I started and u kinda started

    so don’t come to me like I did all this, if u wouldn’t have hurt me all his time and made me fear you then I would not want revenge like others have wanted on you for a long time so reflct on your actions and stop sounding itocen cause we all know your not,

    ever wondered why UNI killed u, it was because u were being a jerk to people and do u wonder why ur city got burned?! do u know who  runed it well I do and if we get on good terms I’ll tell u but I’m not gonna back down to u anymore I’m tired of being afraid so if u wanna start SOMTHING big then I guess we are gonna have something big,

    You make things so hard



    Crazy Pirate
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    No. Just No. The forums are supposed to be a place where people can expresses thoughts and concerns, monitor the servers, ask about updates, and be nice and polite to one another. There is no drama, no arguments, no swearing, etc.. Now I know there was no swearing above, but there is plenty of drama, as has been the case for many days. Seriously? This isn’t great for newbies, who come onto the forums, and see this, petty in-game arguments. Fight, sure, get angry, sure, but INGAME, not somewhere were it can be seen permanently.

    In answer to the above problem, you sign a treaty, in a forum post somewhere, that you shall not fight again, under pain of ______. I really love coming onto the forums, and seeing someone help a newbie in a request thread. But when I see to veteran players jabbering on about promise breaking, and lies, and betrayal, and whatever, it makes me sick. So please, negotiate through messages, please? Thanks in advance,


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