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    Hello my future people! This is your next Prime Minister, Leon. Many of you know me in game, and I consider myself one of the best PvPers, and one of the most powerful players on PMC. Lately I have heard about the current Prime Minister and how he is unfit for the job. Sadly, I agree. I am here to announce that this is time for change. I have applied for citizenship in order to become Prime Minister, but CrazyDave most likely won’t give it to me as I am a threat for his job. We must stand up to him. He is not good for the British Empire and I have many reasons why. He is completely inexperienced (he is a sailor in game), he is inactive, and he is by the book. CrazyDave is only a sailor rank, which means he has not played this server enough to run an empire. I am one of the most powerful PvPers on the server, and I have an infinite amount of god sets, potions, and other equipment that would turn BE into the most powerful military out there. I also have connections with many pvpers and people who play on the server which would turn adversaries into allies for the people of BE. I am much more fit for the job, and I’ve already spoken to many leaders of BE about his removal and putting me in his place. It is only a matter of time at this point. His approval rating is abysmal, and it will only go down from here, ESPECIALLY if he tries to fight this upbringing.
    CrazyDave is far too inactive to run an empire such as BE. I am one of the most active players on the server and I respond to discord PMs in short time. I have messaged CrazyDave about alliances and citizenship only to have to wait multiple days for a message back. He is NOT fit for office, and he continues to make bad decisions because of his inexperience, and in all honesty his thick skull. The time for change is now. Next, he is by the book. This can be a good thing as diplomacy and rules are necessary in a democracy like the British Empire. However, he does not stand up for his crew and does not take steps that are necessary to be a large power in the server. The British Empire needs a strong PvPer as their leader who can protect their citizens and offer materials to them. The British Empire also needs a leader who can make the right choices when it comes to allies and rivals, and who to declare war on and who to befriend. CrazyDave is not knowledgeable about any of this, and if it were a 1v1 situation between me and him, he would die in 5 seconds. The current leader is weak and was only chosen because of a lack of candidates (FTB). It is time for change, and I am the change BE needs. I will make sure every soldier is equipped with a full godset, and is properly trained for PvP so they don’t lose it. I will create military alliances between powerful crews such as TAS, CSN, and CLTN to make sure our power is in the right place. I will also make sure the citizens of BE are protected. I will be online around the clock to be there whenever they need me and I will also bring MinisterMoo to protect our citizens as well. There will be no more living in fear under my establishment and administration. BE will become the powerful force it once was and must be. Thank you for your time. Except Crazy Dave. His time is up. :heart:
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    1: He may be unfit for the job but he was voted in and that means that he is the prime minister until the next term.

    2: You are unfit for a dual citizenship in the BE and you have not been in the 4-6 month period uninterrupted to the present.

    3: Being a good PVPer does not make you a good leader nor prime minister.

    4: Trying to override the BE’s terms that are set in stone is not a good way to try and join directly into a prime minister.

    5: You may be a good leader but you do not fit the requirements.

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    BE is falling and it needs to be saved, CSN is here to help! for 2000$ we can end rival and start collaborating for rising up your empire. ( I accept payment in ships too). As BE doesn’t have an army CSN can give protection and save you from all raiders, right now you are a bag of meat in a shark sea.

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    No booooo this goes against BE law boooooooo. like seriously at least follow the BE guidelines for running for office lmao.


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    BE does not give into the terrorists demands Romich

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