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    Our world is in great danger. Days after days, pirates without honnor come to our towns to pillage and kill our customers. We can’t let that happen anymore and that’s why I create today this Kill on sight list that will be applied in all the towns entering in the Merchant Guild.

    To ask a criminal to be added on this list, please answer to the topic [Kill on sight] Criminal reporting.

    In order to be removed from this list, players have to wait 3 months without any misbehavior (not entering any of the towns and cities he’s banned from) or convince the author(s) of the initial report to ask for his removal (after payment of a fine or any condition the merchant would judge fair).
    An appeal is possible after a minimal 1 month delay and a negative answer from the author of the report, by posting on the [Kill on sight] Appeals topic. Only motivaded apologies will be taken in account and a public vote will be organized to decide the fate of the criminal.

    Each town/shop taking part in the application of this list must display it.

    Kill on sight list:

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