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    The Queen
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    4 years ago, I joined this server as a freshmen in high school and just moving here from across the country. Over my life here on this server it has been a journey I cant even begin to explain… I have been through so much and you all have helped me through so much believe it or not, I have grown as a leader, grown as a person and taught me life lessons that I will not ever forget.

    I created the Elves as Queen and promised to lead them to the end of all days. This has to be the hardest goodbye I have ever written because I have so many memories with my elves, with the people here and with the amazing staff here. Time has come where I must march elsewhere as my time here and duty here has been served.

    I cant thank you all enough to have played and served with each and every one of you. I am satisfied now, knowing I helped make history, made the Elven Empire and will be forever known as The Elven Queen no matter what elven faction is ever to rise from inspiration to my leave.

    Godsdead I will miss you, you gave me a chance to repay you and because of you and no one knows this until now you are the reason I got my first job. You are the absolute reason I had to learn and and accept responsibility for my actions 4 years ago. You have been the best of the best server owners I have ever known and overall an amazing guy.

    My legacy , pride and joy. The Elven Empire will be disbanded. The Empire will be disbanded and will forever have a place here, will forever be known as one of the best empires to rule and I cant explain how much I will miss you all.

    I will visit, and take breaks here but my time here has sadly come to an end but do not be sad because I am not. I am excited to see the next step in my life on mc. Where the tides will lead me and where next to create and birth another Elven Empire as this Queen is just getting started and thanks to you all you gave me all I needed.

    I did not want to make this a sad long goodbye piece but I want this to be a celebration and thanks to all you and cant thank you enough for being with me through so much.

    If there are any elven nations to rise in my stead, all will remember the queen and her sons who birthed and lead the nation of elves in the days of old to victory and prosperity.

    (I will be disbanding the Elven empire on piratecraft.)

    I must farewell you all now as I must move on. So this is my goodbye, a farewell and honestly even typing this little bit, I got teary and choked up, so to this farewell and may you all lead good lives in game and out of the game! May the stars continue to shine in your favor as the mother of the mountains look in witness.

    -Signed The Queen of the Elves

    (July 2013 – August 2017) Forever may she reign.

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire


    Alvanos Morvothril
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    Farewell Sera, may the Three bless and guide you on your journey. You will be missed :'(

    ~Dark Elf King of the Ebonheart Empire~

    "I don’t recall using teleportation. Yet there I was. Alone. Naked."
    -Abraham Lincoln


    Captain Crimson
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    I believe everyone will be sad to see you go, you were a good Queen and Ruler. May luck be always at your side!

    However a good way to continue your legend may be to announce an heir to take over the Empire? Another leader? That way the empire will continue, and will continue to be stable – so there’s no power vacuum? And with an empire will come stories and hence your legend!


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    RIP EM, I has great experiences with you all, and got great leadership experience.


    Former Second-in-Command, Elven Empire
    Former President, Ocean Republic
    CEO of Penguin Co.
    Proud member of Forsaken


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    Well good luck out there! 😉


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    See you rep I will make the New Elven Empire to remember rep and her sons 🙁


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    Bye rep gl with life 🙂

    Founder of the Coalition


    Shawn Daley
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    ~This reminds me of something you would view on Instagram or YouTube, explaining how a person would stop posting content.


    Chancellor of The Verussian Republic


    Shawn Daley
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    ~This reminds me of something you would view on Instagram or YouTube, ranting about how you’ll stop posting recent content.


    Chancellor of The Verussian Republic


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    Rep gimme all your gaps

    Best worldwide pvper

    Ganking noobs since 1876


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    Farewell your Majesty. You were one of the first people I met on PirateCraft, and without you and the elven empire I would probably have left the server within a week of joining. Thank you for everything you did for me, and I am truly sorry to see you go.

    -Proprietor of Fort Abercrombie

    -Patient #412 of the Asylum

    "I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps."
    Horatio Nelson


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    lol 900th quit



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    Tbh at first I tought it was like an hack report of a guy called ‘ItsTime’

    Best worldwide pvper

    Ganking noobs since 1876


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    -builds castle in java’s spot- -goes inactive- -quits server- ………………………………………………….. Bye rep

    Lucky you will be missed 🙁


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    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire


    Been bugging me for a while

    bye though you’ll come back

    Boatswain Rank | Crew History: IE, IE, TXO, TIH, TAS
    -Creator, but not disbander, of the Iborian Empire-
    -Prez of Olympic Committee + Association-
    -PirateCraft Wiki Rockstar-
    -Founder of PirateCraft Geographic Society-
    -All Round Great Guy-

    Palmerageddon – I like when you’re online. It reminds me of the sweet diversity PirateCraft has. Thank for just even existing. -Grandma January 2016

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