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    Update: It still appears to be an issue, however I no longer require assistance as I have removed my email address altogether from my wiki account for an unrelated reason.


    I recently changed my email address for my wiki account (maybe a week or so ago, I can’t remember the exact date). At the time, I somehow missed the part where I have to confirm my new email address, so I did not do it then; I noticed it today when I was trying to edit a wiki page (I am unable to edit wiki pages without the email confirmation) and then, as directed by the website, attempted to confirm my email by clicking the “Confirm your email address” button at the bottom of the user preferences page on the wiki. The initial message on the website said that a confirmation code had already been sent, even though I had not received one (see attachment “Capture1”). I then clicked “Mail a confirmation code” and was given the error message in the attachment “Capture”.


    I would be happy to talk about specifics of my email address in private if necessary.

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    Your answer was correct, but I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

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