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    Earlier today, CoV (souldin, Asterity, and JoeBlub) tried to siege me. They were mining sand to try to get into the building I was in and that was perfectly acceptable. They cannoned that same building and I was also cool with that too, they were trying to get in I understand that. But after realizing that there was not a way in, they started cannoning my villagers and ruined my sugarcane farm. Initially I thought this was perfectly okay regarding the rules since there was a mod in their presence but I’m still unclear whether or not this sort of griefing is allowed (I know McShovel made a post about this but it was unclear if that sort of thing was allowed).

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    I didn’t think you could break tilled dirt in siege… It never worked for me ? I honestly don’t know if it’s grief or not

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    I can say surely that this is an allowed form of damage during siege with proof from the forums about this topic. If they destroyed your crops or killed your villagers, that means you let them get to them. Simply securing your base could’ve stopped this. Not saying you have to but it’s a good idea to make protection for those things as they are vulnerable during siege.

    P.s. If cov raided you they wouldn’t just straight up do something to get themselves banned for it. If they did chances are they would’ve had multiple warnings for that kind of stuff before

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    Fron what I heard, they were trying to shoot you through the wall (it can be done, I know from experience)

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    @astrobolt Thing is I was nowhere near my sugarcane farm so I don’t know how they can claim that theyou were trying to shoot me through the wall

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    First thank you for the well written post. Your question is well stated and the confusion perfectly understandable. Let me see if I can clarify…

    Allow me to start by explaining what about the previous event ‘crossed the line’ to become grief, and thus resulted in those individuals being punished. These individuals had first gained /trust on the claim from the claim owner. They waited until the claim owner left the game. Then they proceeded to empty all the chests and presumably steal it all. All of this is fine, a normal day on Pirate Craft. If they had stopped with stealing everything of value, I wouldn’t care. Removing iron doors, iron bars, beacons, etc, this is just stealing. Digging through floors and underground walls to look for secret rooms I could also understand. To ‘grief’ someone is to destroy something for absolutely no discernible reason.

    In contrast, your situation is very different. What happened to you is all too common is siege warfare, pound them with cannons till they come out. You have the option to end the siege at any time, go outside and fight. If you don’t want to fight and most of your stuff is in locked chests then plan ahead and build bolt-holes to run away. If you plan to ‘wait it out’ when someone attacks then build defenses to ensure that entities you care about are well away from cannon blasts.

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    I can never kill villagers :3

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