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    **Dislcaimer: I am aware that this would require a bit of work and staff is busy doing other things right now, so this is more of a  vision for the future**

    I think a big problem for the current pmc is the lack of naturally occuring server play and the fact that the main plugins are not really used, which is a especially a problem for player retention. Right now, most fighting happens in scripted ways since it is not necessary for people to leave their safe bases to play and allows builders to live without any protection.

    I would suggest to completely remove all tps (so warps, tpa, home) besides the /crew home one  (possibly increase the cooldwon to an hour here) and replace them with portals leading to spawn, similiarly to the current warp south / east / north / west ones , spread around the world more or less evenly. The details of this would need to be worked out, as a base line warps would probably be best located on an oceans with rentable docks to unload ships safely.

    To make this change possible however there would need to be a few smaller changes such as:

    – [more] server owned canals and blocked out oceans connecting the players with the portals

    – increased speed for ships

    – balancing the chests per ship, subs for example would need to be nerfed in this reguard

    I hope that this would lead to more server play and create a much more interesting and on theme server. Additionally, and this is part of the reason i would keep the crew home, it would need people to work with their crews much more since living far away from them would be much more dangerous. Also for example supplying a shop would require a group effort, as a ship would have to go from the base to the nearest portal while being prone to attacks on the way.

    I hope at least some of these ideas come to fruition someday!




    PS: I am aware that awesomcow has beat me to it, i do however believe that my suggestion adds some points and goes in a different direction so yeah

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    Yeah holy shit no what a way to kill the server

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    7 years later people still ask for this stupid thing of removing tps lmao

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    I totally agree with removal of Tps but not /homes and other warps, it might boost the use of ships and it would be a great event for the 10th PirateCraft anniversary.



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    Removing homes and warps would ruin the server but removing TPs doesn’t seem too bad.


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    I believe that we should remove tps however, keep homes and warps. Alongside this, an ocean clean-up and buff to ships would make ships more useful again and a nerf to ice walker would be even better. I know that an ocean clean-up hasn’t happened in a long time but that doesn’t prevent the staff team and players from planning and organising one.

    Also, I think we should have a poll to see whether the current player base would like to implement this change and not leave it in the hands of a couple of individuals that shout from the roof-tops that they would dislike this change considering the community is much larger than 2 players.

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