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    Thieves Guild are a roleplay focused in-game guild, we aim to promote roleplay and the communtity as whole and make friends. Our long term goal is to offer more than just simple roleplay, is to provide the many merchants on the server the a trading network including vaults to store their questionable goods. We also aim to do things together like building, adventuring, raiding, Player versus Player.


    Joining the Thieves Guild.

    In order to join the Thieves Guild we expect you to have basic knowledge of the English language, perfect grammer are not required as long we understand what you saying.

    • Take roleplay seriously is also a requirement, we won’t stand someone in our ranks who runs around like a fool and shouting “Yolo” in chat. We do allow joking and humor when roleplaying.
    • Know roleplay, much experience or any is just fine if you are aware of roleplay.
    • Be polite, you are the face of the guild and the community, we expect you to be mature.


    • Upon wishing to join contact a guild member in-game through private message. We’d like to be aware of your interests. Next step is to discuss the detail and how to approach us in character.


    Making your character.

    Making your character is a very important of the aspect of roleplay. Below I will list few tips to make the process lot easier.

    • Character Background.
      Where was s/he born?
      Parents still alive?
      Fiancé? Tragic events in life?
      How did you get where you are today?
    • Character Personality.
      Is s/he greedy?
      Is s/he suffering from a tragic event?
      What do your character fear?’
      What do your character love?What do your character hate?
      Is your character introvert or extrovert?

    Your skin do matter, it’s important to pick the right skin for the right character.


    Note: Upon making a character and wishing to join, we won’t accept any rich and highborn characters. We are a bunch of lawless, poor, greedy, thugs who will probably rob you and leave you in the dirt afterwards. Are your character poor and ought to sailing hoping to achieve a better life, then we welcomes you with open arms.  This is a guild made up of poor outlaws and shady people. Pirates as common pickpocketer, to the suspicious black marketer.





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