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    Just going to say a quick goodbye to everyone on this server. As I’ve just started college I have come to realise the immense amount of work that is ahead of me, and unfortunately I must prioritise. So I guess this means goodbye to those who knew me, given that it is a very small proportion of you. To the rest of the people here I want to say you have been part of the most intriguing gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

    Ok enough of the soppiness, I’m going to clear all the claims to my base, so all of you who are reading this and know where I lived go and take what you want, it isn’t much but some of it you may find useful. Also look out for my secret underground chest room below, it also doesn’t have much in it but it took ages ( I had to label 110 chests and then categorise all my stuff in a 26x26x26 box underground layered with water then stone bricks then smooth stone).

    Any of you who do decide to raid my base please make sure you respect the surrounding forts, as they are NOT to be touched as they belong to Thymen and Maximus.

    Thank you and goodbye.

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    I too am out of time. I wish you the best of luck in university.


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