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    Contributed by: LEGO, Astro_2, and cosmickingjoel.


    Lego, Cosmic, and I were on discord talking about the problems with crews on this server. We found that crews have no real benefit within themselves, sure it provides a sense of community and also gives you a dedicated chat, but that’s about it. We decided that this factor directly led to the Increase of “piratemc drama” if you may, with crews gaining no benefit from alliances or waging war, and hence, not fully participating in these functions. We mainly thought about what could be implemented in the future to create a more immersive experience concerning crews.


    Creation of a crew

    Crews are usually created when player types in a command, but with our method when a player types in the command to create a crew they would get a crew Tier and level which I will explain how it works. A crew tier will show what a crew is, for example:

    Tier I = Crew, Tier II = Fleet, Tier III = Village/Brigade.

    When you see the Village/Brigade it should mean that the Crew leader can decide where he or she would like to take their crew too. If they chose brigade that would mean fleets upon fleets following their command and village can mean they gave up on the sea and are now trash land lovers which would make sense in a way, back to the Tiers.

    Tier IV = Town, Tier V = City,

    Tier VI = Country

    I don’t know if the Pirate brigade path can go further but hey it’s up to you.

    The way your crews Tier would go up will work like our /rank up but instead /crew rank up which can be used by the leader and crew members except untrusted ones will be able to use /crew rank up but only to check the requirements nothing more, so you’ll have to do crew requirements but it’ll be worth it.

    The crew wars
    Now in the past we’ve seen time and time again Crew wars serve no purpose other than status, drama, and hiding in a box.

    With our suggestion we plan to make crews that go above Tier III to make Village/Brigade bases which in the case of a crew war can be destroyed with our   “fun war”. There will be 2 types of claims, Personal and crew claims I will explain how these work.
    Personal claims: Those are your claims and you can give trust to people with the old trust commands, basically keep our current claim system.

    Crew claims: These are the newly implemented claims, where you can Jail those within the claim if you hit them with a certain item, the purpose of these claims is to make crews more alive, the crew claim will give the crew benefits for using a crew claim such as if a rivaled crew enters the claim with or without war status they can be jailed by those who have a sort of police status within the crew claim and if the rivaled player escapes the claim they wouldn’t be able to jail them, and you’ll be able to set up rent signs inside the claim which will allow players to make their crew shops. The way you’d get claim blocks for crew claims will depend on your crew members and the crew beacon, so crew claims are NOT FREE, they will have a beacon somewhere in their claim which if broken the claim will be open to pillaging and looting.
    Crew beacons will also be able to change location every 6 weeks.
    The way to protect the crew beacon would depend on your crew level.

    Crew level: unlike crew tiers these are personal levels that will stick with you no matter what new crew you join, the higher the level the more stronger blocks you’ll be able to use to protect your beacon the level should only go up to 5, 8 or 10 and the higher your level the more crew claim blocks you’ll get for your crew.

                 Attacking a beacon

    The crew command for initializing war will make it to where once war has started, Crew claims will be able to take damage, thus in war crew claims can be destroyed and turned into nothing but wasteland which is awesome if you haven’t played any games that are centered around war like WWI but back on topic, if this were implemented it would balance out the Benefits of a crew claim, so you can make a crew and make a crew claim but then risk getting what you built in your crew claim destroyed, but here’s the catch once war is over the beacon should come back if you was destroyed, and then the beacon would have this GUI where you’ll be able to see what it’ll take to automatically repair your dead city, which will come with a payment as well as resource consumption because war is expensive thus crew wars would be taken more seriously.

    When a crew claim is being restored by a beacon the city will take time to rebuild depending on how big the city is and how many blocks are in the claim, the beacon will place block by blocks from the lowest Y level to the highest if no blocks were destroyed in a Y level the beacon would skip to the next, and repair until the city is back at its original state.
        Which crew attack which crew?

    Each player will have their number of player kills and playtime dictate whether or not their crew can be attacked. This will be summed into a “power level” for each player. Power level will be calculated by dividing the number of kills by 10, and dividing the number of days played by 10.

    Crews wouldn’t be able to wage war again for a reasonable time, like 2 weeks, or even an entire month or just 8 days.

    Destruction of a beacon 
    If the beacon is destroyed in an attack by another crew, 1 or 3 days of pillaging will commence during which a crew must continue to sustain the beacon, but cannot alter any of its properties, or use the crew home, which would be again fair.

    Cost of a beacon 

    The cost of the beacon is already been shown, you can put funds into the beacon with crew bank or the beacon GUI so if war did break out and your city got destroyed you would already have the funds to repair the city all you’d need would be the blocks and stuff.

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    THis is aWeSoMe!


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    Plz add this

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    I did read that entire proposal. Sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing in it is particularly a new “idea”, we have discussed, tested and trialled multiple options for a better “war” system. We have also published everything publicly, so I will be repeating our findings on our few years of playing.

    At the most basic level, its not technically possible with what we have now. To implement a factions system, there are 2 options; replace both Claims system and Crew system with a plugin that does both things (Very poorly) that also has some form of war system, or someone (Not me) will have to program a custom plugin to work with our existing plugins.

    I sent a rather detailed request to Silence a very long time ago based around a better type of Siege which also implemented crews and crew claims, but I think he lost interest in minecraft all together.

    This proposal is a weaker version of an already exiting idea, that we cannot implement with out custom programming, loosely slapped together random ideas.

    I could break it down section by section and give tell you my “solution” (There really isn’t a problem in the first place, you are just bored with what we have currently) but there’s no point me going over it all as it wouldn’t be possible anyway without drastic change to the entire servers core structure.

    Another idea I have already proposed many, many, many times is a second survival server, with everything in one place, the Wars the No teleport the no map, its nothing new. This type of land factions has always been planned as an alternative to this version of survival but as its own separate survival, I just do not have time to drop PirateCraft to create a second survival server, which would be the proper way to implement everything like this along with all the other major designs people think they want.

    TLDR: Learn Java and talk to me about creating a custom plugin.

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