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    This is my first time posting on these forums, but i think this is the right place to put a suggestion. So it might be a Bukkit thing and not possible to put on the server, but a protection thing that I have always liked for its simplicity is Lockette. It might not be compatible, but I believe that it would be a great addition to the server.

    For more information on Lockette:


    -CamoCoyote (IGN: WECoyote64)

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    So basically you want to make raiding even more difficult then it already is? : /

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    There’s already a way to protect doors and chests: iron doors and some brick over chests. This plugin would just be redundant, and the site said it conflicts with SignShop, which I believe we use. Also, there is a seperate forum for suggestions and requests.


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    If this is added, then its impossible to raid someone without betrayal…

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    Why would I need another plugin to lock chests when it can be done with GriefPrevention that we already have?

    If we ever decided to have chests locked, then I would use the built in version with griefprevenion, the reason I make people use blocks on chests, is that if a claim is removed, chests can be looted, it also means you have to figure this out early on, and allows for more creative piston based locks.

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    Although this server will never really add a chest locking plugin for straight forward reasons (just use hard blocks or a piston system) dont let that discourage you from making suggestions in the future

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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