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    then again, crazy is usually needed for a big change.

    I’m starting fresh with Hattawi_m.
    you heard me. I’m forgiving  him.

    I don’t know if the hattawis are separate people or not (I think they are), but I think Hattawi_m’s changed; he seems different than a lot of people make out the Hattawis to be. He actually seems… nice.


    So yeah, I’m going to start trusting him. (slowly though. I’m still gonna keep an eye on ‘im :P)

    If you’re going to rag on me or support me in this, go ahead, I don’t care.</p>

    If you can walk, you can walk it off.

    Crazy Pirate
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    Your title is misleading. Your not Crazy. How dare you call yourself Crazy?! I am Crazy, not you. Mwahahah!

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    I’m starting to trust him, too, Cuban. We can be crazy together

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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