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    Im making this forum post not only to report a bug, but also to report my concerns to the anticheat that this server has adopted. There has been a pile of reports and issues already with this anticheat but the kicks wont stop. Today I was sieged and suddenly froze for 5 minutes while being spammed with the photo that I attached to this file. Now this is already the 5th set Ive lost to anti cheat and being a college student playing on a rarely free friday afternoon for fun, this anticheat once again shits on me and completely ruins my experience on the server. Theres nothing worse than being frozen in your own base, spammed with 800 messages, then able to do nothing about it knowing your about to be kicked.

    Whats the point of even grinding a godset or even pvping on this server if you know that the fixes we think were made to the anticheat just pop up on you over and over again. Ive lost more godsets to anticheat this year than I have to players. Its time to do something for once about this.



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    A endermite kicked my ass

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    Yeah, today i got kicked by anti cheat aswell cuz i was jitterclicking someone on a ladder 😀

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    If it is possible next time, can you take a screenshot of the kick screen? Thanks
    This goes for everyone who is still being kicked

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    There has been a pile of reports and issues already with this anticheat but the kicks wont stop.

    Link me to ALL the reports posted on the forums with the video’s on how to reproduce them so ALL issues can be resolved that have been reported.

    We know there is an issue with Siege, but NOT A SINGLE PERSON has posted a video on how to reproduce. Nothing can be done until you actually make a video showing how to reproduce it, so it can be figured out.

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    As Max and Gods stated please try and record and/or screenshot the kick not just the wall of “You can’t teleport out of a besieged area” text. But also, I was online when you were kicked and I know the reason the anti-cheat kicked you. From what Monks described I’m sure he got kicked by the same thing, as did P1ndr0p the other day. An update will be released soon for the anticheat we use. Just give Gods a bit more time to implement it unless you want all the other 15 ways you could be kicked to come back (he has to reconfigure everything manually). The reason that kicked you, Monks, and P1n was all the same, the update should fix this issue. When the anticheat is officially updated Gods will post an update to let everyone know. If the kick continues after that, report it with video so we can either fix it or add it to the non-kick list.

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    I’ve experienced this odd siege kick before, I’ll try and reproduce it in a video.


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    Unfortunately, recording these events can be incredibly hard do to how unpredictable and unreliable anticheat is. One day it could work perfectly, but another day it might be terrible. Therefore, while everyone realizes that we need videos to reproduce it, it is not very feasible as most people don’t want to record 24/7 for something that may or may not happen.

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