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    Hi De Ho Neighborinos!

    Recently, I received my package from a Kickstarter I backed 1.5 years ago that I went all-in with. If you love H.P. Lovecraft and/or board games, we got you, fam.

    I managed to talk the rest of Hydra into playing this board game with me. dpex81 (Praise be unto him) has decided to turn it into a video to finally have a non-Minecraft video that is actually good. *cough cough* the bowling video. I decided to get the community involved on this one since y’all had nothing to do with the amazing board game day we had a few days ago.

    The premise of the game is that you serve/play as some Great Old One from the Cthulhu mythos. These Great Old Ones have awoken to bring doom to the Earth (or other places), but as these indescribable monstrosities, you want to be the one with the most credit for the destruction.

    Like Risk, CW is an area control game with more complex battle, asymmetric factions, spellbooks, and highly detailed minis. The factions have already been chosen by us and will be revealed with the video. If you want to read about the factions, please continue. If not, skip to the line.

    Great Cthulhu: An early game aggressive faction that can decimate ocean areas.

    Black Goat: A camping, nest building faction that is super hard to dig out late game.

    Yellow Sign: A nomadic faction set on desecrating everything.

    Crawling Chaos: A late game faction that can basically choose a faction to take down late game.

    Sleeper: A faction that waits for other people to do thing before being able to take lots of turns without others responding.

    Opener of the Way: A somewhat defensive faction that loves building gates.

    Windwalker: A late game aggressive faction with an almost undying army.

    Tcho-Tcho: A faction based around the cultists rather than the Great Old One.



    This is one area where you guys get to have a say. What map should we play on?

    Here’s the link for the poll. If you would like to read more, see below.


    Earth: The generic, base-game map with nothing special.

    Primeval Earth: Shortly after Pangea split up, this map includes glaciers that seal gates under the ice, making them neutral.

    Dreamlands: This map has two separate pieces to the map (surface and underworld) and also includes an additional victory condition. There are zoogs on the surface to drive your cultists off of your controlled gates and a bhole in the underworld to straight up destroy them.

    Yuggoth: Apparently aliens have set up a base on Pluto. There are three fun little things here. The first is a slime sea where if you control the island in the center, you can call and control slimes. There is a laboratory for turning your cultists into mere brain cylinders (allowing them a body is just way too much flexibility). Finally there is a pyramid that provides additional power, but the Watcher may spawn and kill whatever is in a certain area.

    Library at Celaeno: This map has 2 floors and teleporting archways. You can check out tomes and spellbooks to gain additional powers but if you lose control of the gate in that area, your books become overdue and other players can summon the Librarian to screw you over. There’s also a Custodian which just hates everyone.


    This game also includes other minor expansions and neutral monsters and Great Old Ones.

    Here’s the poll for if we should include these or what we should include if we do:


    I say that we should potentially not include more stuff as that it would add even more confusion and I am the only person who has played the game so far and it’s everyone else’s first time (I’ve only played 2 games and I had no idea what was going on each time).

    Color Out of Space: When creating a gate, you can choose a colored one that have both good and bad effects.

    Great Old One Packs: Contain 4-5 neutral Great Old Ones that any faction can summon.

    Ramsey Campbell Packs: Contains a mix of neutral monsters and Great Old Ones.

    Dreamlands Monster Packs: Neutral monsters.

    Cosmic Terrors: A new type of neutral monster that is unaffected by abilities that affect monsters.


    We will be playing either Thursday or Friday of this week and I have no clue when the video will be out.

    If you would like to see the official information on the game here’s the Kickstarter link:

    If you have any questions just leave a comment or something. This is the only way we thought to get the Piratecraft community involved with our videos. It’s not like we can have a poll for whom we should raid. Now that I think about it, we could make those people quite paranoid.

    Also, I like trains.

    The Lovable Housewife of Hydra
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    I Like Terrains

    John Archaius - The Inventor whose machines usually blow up.

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    Also I don’t think anyone can possibly make me any more paranoid, I already often have nightmares of my closest friends betraying me…… heh……

    John Archaius - The Inventor whose machines usually blow up.

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