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    “Horsia Main Base Hit!”

    This evening I was sent a video from RiverKitty who filmed the horsia main base being raided! It was found out that some members of Horsia had gotten fed up with their crew-mates and had teleported other players into the Horsia base to raid the entirety of the crew home invisible. This invisibility keeps us from recognizing any of the players involved and the audio file had been deleted so we cannot to trace the users by voice. We do know this, the main base of Horsia was wiped clean, and from the video, those who were raiding it left no stone unturned as they burned anything that they could not pick up. The players who raided Horsia sent a clear message that they will continue to hit back hard after what seemed like days of inactivity from the anti-horsia side. We can only expect that hostility will increase in the next few days, so my advice to the players on the outside looking in, “Hide your kids, hide your wife.”.


    Without further ado here is the video I was sent:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdNbZeg-DTk





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    Galaxy219 I need to get your advertisement sent to me in a pm to add it to the newspaper.


    “Quote of the Day”

    “Some people like to watch the world burn. I prefer starting the fire.” ~ ArtificialDemon


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