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    I thank you guys for the opportunity of thinking I saw a light of joy, years I’ve waited the day I can finally sail the ships I’ve built with such care…  years I must continue to wait it would seem. I understand pvp is a thing but being hunted down every day is really aggravating and slows my progress which as it turns out means nothing in the end. Anything I build will be destroyed the second its finished as decreed by the players, there be no point in punishing myself with the thought that I’ll be allowed to play like everyone else my life has been but strife and agony why I thought that might change is beyond me….tis a game after all what reason for suppression could there possibly be. I must let go of the thought that life may get better as my one outlet to escape reality has been painfully shoved down my throat so I bid this server farewell and calm seas hopefully the sins of the few wont drive me to physical actions. Thank you for letting me think a light at the end of the tunnel might still exist, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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    If you don’t want your ship to be stolen or destroyed claim and lock it and maybe build a covered dock so you can work on it without dieing.

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    Basically what was said above.

    It really does suck when you lose a ship you spent hours working on, and someone comes along and just sinks it for the sake of it. It is within the rules though – it’s a pirate server after all. Most of the ‘pvpers’ have little use for ships they steal, or the ships are in an awkward location, so rather than returning the ship, or selling it back to you (which would be the smart thing to do), they sink it.

    In future, if you are waiting for a canal to be unblocked, and no admin is online, don’t park it in the admin claim… You’ll just have to leave your ship at home or park it in front of the admin claim and claim it yourself. Also when sailing, consider using invisibility potions.

    This isn’t a sailing ship simulator server sadly – there are a lot of pirates about if you can even call them that. Any player that sails a large ship in the open waters will be punished if they are visible from the livemap – involving deaths, loss of the ship, and/or destruction of it.

    As mentioned previously, I get around it by using invisibility potions – super useful. Also, sailing when there aren’t too many people on (10-15 or less), and sailing faster using the double helm technique.

    Sorry if this isn’t much help, but keep at it. Build a bunch of ships, save schematics of them so that you can rebuild them easier.


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    Brit, if you want i can help you build a new ship, that old one was nice but we can make an even bigger and better ship together!

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    1. Move ships when there are few people online (or when there are certain people not online).
    2. Use invis pots or crouch.
    3. Scout out the route before hand, that way “surprise” blocked canals will be a thing of the past.
    4. Ask if people will sail with you, and an escort is good. I’d recommend a donator due to them being able to us /near.
    5. I’d recommend you find a way which allows you to quickly claim it if the moment arises.

    It’s all part of the game, its just part of your story (I’ve made you a wiki page for god sake) and learning. Hope to see you again. @britainnicraiser

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    You should pay the pizzo

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    Finally, took me days to be able to log into the site again. I’ll come back just needed to cool my hands, and wait til I have a working computer again. What I meant by everytime I build a ship I’m referring to the 3 that I successfully completed and the 2 that were destroyed before they were able to move, only 2 of my ships were announced as I was most proud of those apparently that didn’t make a difference for how swiftly I was taken out. That’s the part that most angers me is how quick they get to me it like they log in and they’re already stabbing me it’s always the same guys too. It doesn’t matter how many players are on it’s just if those fkrs are in or not, shreks lakesidekiller ice. It may also be really aggravating because unless its planned i cant fight back my connections are always buggy which leads to my greatest aggravation in life is not being able to do anything about those who take everything from me……legally.

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