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    “Of all ‘e gentlemen of fortune Bartholomew Roberts rrrangs among ‘e most cleaver. He be damned lucky as he be cunnin’. Same thee can tell ’bout his flagship. An bloddy behemouth o’ a galleon! Mounted by least 40 fire spittin’ gun.”


    The flagship of notorious pirate Bartholomew Roberts. Black Bart or Bartholomew Roberts was the most successful pirate of all time, capturing and looting hundres of ships of three year career. He went through several flagships during this time, and he tended to name them all Royal Fortune. The largest Royal Fortune was a 40-cannon behemoth manned by 157 men and it could slug it out with any Royal Navy ship of the time. Roberts was aboard this Royal Fortune when he was killed in battle against the Swallow in February of 1722.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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