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    I just wanted to politely ask whomever writes/updates the PMC History thread on the Wiki

    A) When it will be updated with information from 2017


    B) Why nothing Hydra has contributed exists within PMC’s History.

    I think that Hydra has done a lot that would be deemed worthy of molding events and actions across the server

    (See Examples here!



    Respond whenever, because there are obviously more pressing matters to attend to!

    With Much Love and Adoration (I’m so full of Myself),


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    Many people edit the history thread – no single person, its literally like 30+ people.

    I know I added in a lot of stuff about a year ago – but that’s just events that I knew well and was involved in. PaulonFire, and Palmerageddon did the same.

    Yes, Hydra definitely deserve their page in the history books on here, but unfortunately we aren’t here to interview players on what happened, it comes down to the individual to add – as no matter how much you explain it to someone, you will always know more if you were there.

    And c’mon, when has writing a bit ever hurt Hydra? :3


    As a side note, if you guys can’t be asked to add it all, send me some dates and things you did. I’m sure either myself or our lovely @palmerageddon wouldn’t mind writing a word or two (sorry for dragging you into this <3)

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    @P1ndr0p I am sorry, I do keep trying to edit the wiki when I can, or know of things to add. As of right now I have created a ‘super weapons’ section, in which I am gradually trudging through to fully write up and expand on so it can be read through and used as a fun piece of lore and perhaps people to take inspiration from.

    Anyway, to answer your questions from my point of view=

    1) I unfortunately can do bugger all for 2017, unless if people can give me things to add etc and notes on it etc (I’m kinda good at expanding on notes, but not note taking). The other reason for 2017 is so little from me is due to me killing my java in early 2017, which I could add to my wiki profile as info, but it is more down to the community in general to put this information up on the wiki, as it is the first accessible piece of information about the server, that any new comers often get after reading through the website (which would take ages).

    I recommend you first of all try add and edit the wiki itself, it is quite enjoyable, so much so I do it when I should be studying- But if you can’t figure out what to write etc, just start writing the basics of what you want to document on the wiki, and possibly request one us common wiki editors to possibly write in more detailed bit about those said events of 2017 which are important. I would also recommend adding to the piratecraft timeline for this sort of thing too!


    2) I personally, do not know a lot about Hydra. I personally have no quarrel with them at all and I actually love the way they have shaken the server’s foundations, which is both frightening and marvellous. I personally, don’t like to always edit other people’s topics and sections, due to often people not liking what you may write, or who may just remove everything you wrote and so it is somewhat a waste of time- this may also be a reason not much has been written about Hydra.

    I would also note, and I am sure you can also agree with me on this one. Is that on a community perspective (or at least mine), Hydra is a reclusive, very private group, and though people talk about Hydra, no one often know what is actually going on half the time, due to often the lack of community interaction (at least on the talking level- at least in my view, I have never talked to a Hydra member directly so this is again my own experience), so I am sure you can see the difficulty with why this is.

    On the part about pvp raids, I am surprised I guess no one else has picked them up- me included, and if no one does in the near week or so, I know what section I’ll be writing next, which you can if you like monitor and edit to your liking. I think again though, it is people having missed out some of the information etc leading up to it, but I am sure that can be left out now that I am revising that.


    Apart from that, sorry, and I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    Best Regards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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