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    Over the previous few days, I’ve been continuously put down and have lost a lot of what I have put my hard work into. For example, I’ve suffered harassment from Khanye who was also responsible for destroying my latest ship. I am now struggling to continue staying on the server.

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    Spectre_Orleans, I remember when you joined the server, you wanted to lead a peaceful experience here and just build your ships and mind your own business.  What you have to realize is, this is a PIRATE server, ships will be blown up, bases will be destroyed, and you will die frequently.  That is what PIRATEcraft means.

    I remember thinking to myself when you joined that you might not enjoy the server for it’s raiding.  Khanye blowing up your ship, and attacking you a few times, is NOT harassment.  I know I may seem biased due to Khanye being in my crew, but it is all the same.  Raiding, Sieging, and killing are just as much apart of this server as building is.  I hate to say this, but if you do not like the raiding portion of the server that much, try finding one that is raid-free.  Where pvp is turned off.  But that is not PirateCraft.  We do enjoy you playing here, if you would like to preserve your buildings and protect your ships, try to find/build something to do so.

    Time to paint the Path of Glory in the Blood of those who are not worthy.

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    Some people just like to destroy others hard work for fun, I highly suggest you claim your builds and lock your chests.

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