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    [Size=14]A month ago it was started, and after suggestions, direct player inputs, and quite an over haul I’m marking this one as completed.[/Size]
    There are a few details to be sorted out if it goes live, ex;

    • Can’t add fire to a few detailing spots in creative
    • The roof needs sealed off, its open now for viewing
    • The field of crops breaks in some areas due to low light an would need planted in those areas

    This arena is designed to be played pvp. It can be solo or perhaps in teams up to 3v3? Its also been noted by some to be non-ideal for bow battles so focus is on hand to hand combat. Spawn locations are marked at either end of the central path from the cave to the Haunted house. Available for viewing at my plot 18;-17 access through the roof.
    After much fiddling an redesigning, features now included shown below:

    1. An over view from the Haunted house attacking side. The mountain in the back has been carved into cliffs to prevent unfair advantage to people who would have climbed it to use the high grounds.
      https://imgur.com/LyjgbTK" />
    2. A view of the Haunted house over the wheat fields, complete with friendly? looking scarecrow on guard.
    3. The giant dark oak tree trailing vines looming over the mysterious giant pumpins.
    4. The new full sized decaying grave yard complete with open graves, broken falling walls, and a Mausoleum sealed from the inside o.O
    5. The Anchient dead tree, now rising from a dried up pumpkin patch, sitting on land near a mysterious Witches hut (Graciously designed by TheTikiTotem)
    6. An over view from a top the cliff face now on the Caves attacking side.

    For some reason I couldn’t directly insert pictures, idk.
    Anyhow it would be cool to have a working pvp arena/server for people to practice/duel on again, maybe even a Halloween PvP Tournament for those inclined, who knows?


    - Think outside the blocks -

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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