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    Ahoy! This years Halloween event has many items to collect and gear to get. Here be a list of for all the collectors out there. This list may change over time. Some drops get added as the event goes on. Some are limited time only.The rates will change as well. Good luck to all.
    ## Collectibles ##

    • Ancient Gem —Blood Rose —Evil Torch —Fire Demon Head
      Ancient Tome —Twinkee —Magic Wand —Herobrine Head
      Magical Powder —Spider Silk —Demon Core —Devil Food
      Old Urn —Dead Mimic —Pristine Gem —Molten Lava
      Lovely Quill —Blood Stone Block —Beholder Eye —Witch Cook Pot
      Bone Dust —Monster Stew —Guts —Mix Tape
      Kindling —Essence of Terror —Doubloon —Venom Sac
      Pocket Watch —Ashes of the Dead —Silver nugget —Demonic Key
      Grave Soil —Fruit Punch —Demon Hide
      Essence of Fire —Sugar Cookie —Candy Apple

    ## Gear ##

    • Aqua Helm —Cactus Helm —Firey Helm —Cheap Helm —Fancy Helm —Zombie Helm —Bloody Helm
      Iron Vest —Cactus Chest —Firey Chest —Cheap Chest —Fancy Chest —Zombie Chest —Bloody Chest
      Aqua Pants —Cactus Pants —Firey Pants —Cheap Pants —Fancy Pants —Zombie Pants —Bloody Pants
      Aqua Boots —Cactus Boots —Firey Boots —Cheap Boots —Fancy Boots —Zombie Boots —Bloody Boots
      CursedLandlubber Tunic —Herobrine Tunic —DiamondHelm —DiamondPants
      CursedLandlubber Trousers —Costume Boots —DiamondChest —DiamondShoes
      CursedLandlubber Shoes

    ## Weapons ##

    • CursedLandlubber Bow —Card Board Sword —Action Hero sword —Snap bracelet —Tactical Spork

    ## Top Tier ##

    • Trickster Sword —Treat Sword —Herobrine Sword —Tombstone Shield —Golden Fishing Rod —Soul Seeker


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