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    Started throwing together a Halloween themed arena design (partially to try out voxel sniper, not gonna lie).

    Here’s a first look at what I pulled together, still needs some smoothing out, maybe a little more detailing.

    Helpful feedback is welcome!


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    - Think outside the blocks -

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    Yes yes yes! On learning voxel and a Halloween arena! 2spooky4me

    Make sure to not forget about spawn locations for people and what kind of arena it will be, if it’s PvP or pve and how many people roughly each side.

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    Aye. Spawn locations are in the design, one location is the decrepit house, the other would be hell’s cave, both roughly depicted above.
    I’m not much of a pvper tho this was designed as a pvp arena, however I could see it suitable for both pvp and pve depending what your doing.

    Definitely suitable for 1v1s, that was the thought behind the center dirt path road, the “road to battle” so to speak. But its also a pretty fair size so multiple people should be able to do battle on each side without crowding up. Some lighting an minor details may need to be ironed out after its live, if its to be used; W/E an voxel both do weird things with lighting on the creative server so it can be tough to get the gloomy look right.

    - Think outside the blocks -

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    Your Netherrack-Brick-Redstone-whatever-brush overlay isnt looking good for me.

    Maybe try to do a Halloween-Theme by working with Black and Orange/yellow  instead of going for netherish/swamp colors.

    Alot of Coal, Jackos, Pumpkins, Torches, spooky dead trees, coarsed dirt, ….. lava could work too since its orange. You could also try to find a spooky lamp design and scarecrows as decoration. Make a dead dried out pumpkin field in front of the mansion for example. The lamps in the shops maintstreet are looking good. Maybe take some inspiration from there.

    The mountain in your screenshots have “that” look. Its the look of lazyness. Try to take smaller brushes and add more details to it. Right now I can easily see which brushes you used. Also go for are d3 overlay when you add the dirt/grass. Also try out the brush /b bb. Its a good easy alternative from the smooth and melt brushes in this situation if youre new to it.


    But what do I know.

    Anyways thats my feedback






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    The mountain could do with some smoothing aye, Vox sniper is new to me indeed, just had some time to try it out.

    The hell-ish cave isn’t actually brush work, its done with world edit to scramble together various block types. Its mean to look chaotic as if a hole to hell was ripped open in the mountain.

    As for Halloween decorations theres stuff filtered in; giant pumpkins, grave sites, indeed a scarecrow too haha. However I didn’t want it to be too over powering. Wanted it to be a dark arena with a gloomy feel and added in Halloween accents for its that time of year.

    There is still work to be done regardless.

    - Think outside the blocks -

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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