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    I’m finally unbanned, so I just started playing, and I think I’m really going to like it here.
    Wonko gave me some cows, so I’m already well on my way to building a new Greasy-Redstone-Empire

    I’ve been playing since the alpha, but honestly, bees give me bad flashbacks of shaking trees for sacks of cash and then having one of my eyes gouged out because seriously, 500 bells is hard to turn down! but much harder to pull off… (but that’s totally bee-side the point) Point is, please never update. I prefer my water to be cubic and destroy everything without hesitation.

    I’m still pretty much brand new to SMP, rules in Minecraft is a strange new concept for me, but I prefer having them to building elaborate farms and 12×16 piston doors on 1.12.2 anarchy servers.

    I’m not much of a pirate. Dwarfs have never been great on boats, we arent really known for swimming either. . .
    I’m not even any good at swinging the axes so, I mostly stay home and work the stones.
    Cobble, Smooth, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Sometimes I even work with endstone.
    They call me GreasySpider because I rarely come out of my cave, and almost never take showers voluntarily.
    I call myself spiderman because, well, he’s just got a really good take on life.
    I’ve always wanted to be like spiderman.
    Also, I love spiders, especially the webs. Hopefully, there are some webs left to find or my decor will really suffer.

    I’ve asked to confirm the legality of setting up a perimeter for a slime farm, mob farm, and space to build all my contraptions. The plan is to build it underwater, with a glass roof. I know that isn’t ideal for rates but, I think its a worthy tradeoff as it’ll be hard to find 300 blocks of open water without any (active) claims. Let alone trying to put it on the land. Probably going to start kind of small and expand over time. This will be a HUGE project but should come with some pretty substantial rewards. (slime, mob drops, pumpkins, melons, sugar, cactus, and countless other things)

    If anyone is interested in helping, (particularly if you have any experience or interest in 1.12 flying machines, water source removal, TNT digging, and redstone) Please let me know!

    I also think secret pirate tunnels are awesome, and I’m hoping to build a network of them with minecarts and stuff.

    Lastly, I have no money, but I can build just about anything with Redstone.
    My first hidden staircase was a single double triple piston extender built with nothing but repeaters, torches, and 6 pistons. (it was HUGE, and took weeks to figure out) Since then, things have gotten WAY easier.
    My newest contraption is a working 12×16 piston door that slides sideways in one solid piece like a real castle gate.
    It’s about 6 blocks wide with a 2 block overhang on one side. It’s also set up to include secretly hidden loot rooms, no visible redstone, and can close automatically behind you like the ole 1×2 lockers do.

    I understand there is a plugin kind of like that… but, I can build you one out of gold and diamonds, or just regular stone. (you supply the stones) 12×16 is probably big enough to float a decent boat through, so it could even be turned into a nice enclosed dock. The materials for mine are actually pretty easy to come by so far as massive piston doors go.

    If anyone wants fancy doors, automatic farms (trees, crops, mobs, flowers, ect….), item sorting/storage systems, potion brewers, tnt cannons, flying elevators, or just fancy showoffy lights and railroads, I’m happy to work something out. I’d do the work for cheap, but you’d have to supply most of the materials.

    I don’t have a crew yet, and I’m very interested to see what other redstone contraptions are around, so don’t hesitate to message me here or in-game just to say hi or show off what you’ve already got!

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    Welcome back

    Current DDoSer

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    Congratulations. Let’s we become what we behold.

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