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    [changelog] Upgraded to 1.12, Upgraded anti-cheat & configs.

    RIP me and other people with old computers.
    I guess this is my goodbye, at least for now. There are a large number of factors that have effectively locked me out of playing 1.12.
    I have the old launcher, which can’t launch 1.12 due to needing new java. I can’t upgrade java because I’m on an old, unsupported os. I also can’t get the new, java-less launcher for the same reason. I can’t upgrade my os because my computer is too old and no longer supported. I can’t download a vm because again, too old. I can’t buy a new computer because I have no money, and I can’t upgrade my current one because it’s a mac (and I have no money)

    I’ll still be on the forums, and I’ll definitely come back once I can upgrade. I know I’m not well known on the server, but to my friends, I’d just like to say goodbye for an indefinite(but hopefully short) period of time. It’s been fun, and I hope to be back asap.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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