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    Greetings Piratecraft, It’s your friendly neighborhood Kai here. Just wanted to say goodbye to you all. By the time you’re reading this, I will already be on a plane, headed somewhere i won’t specify, those of you I wanted to let know where I’ll be going I have already told. I guess you could say I’m quitting pmc. My life I have set sail to live has taken a new course, One I never thought I would go. But here I am, saying goodbye. I hope to be back within the next year, but where I will be in my life by then, who’s to say. So if I dont see some of you ever again, have fun with life. I have grown to love these waters i have sailed with so many friends. But I leave for new uncharted waters. Uncharted for me anyway.  But I wanted to leave a message or two.
    To all you scurvy pirates, regardless of whether you’ve tried to kill me, help me, rob me, or whatever, you’ve made this experience a unique one. And I thank you, because I’ve had a fun time. </span></p>
    To all my dearest friends in The Asylum, stay crazy maties, you guys are the best crew any pirate could hope to sail with. You have all been the closest friends over this past year, always stepping in to help, and always doing stupid shit that just makes me laugh uncontrollably, and the occasional destruction of my eardrums with uncontrollable squawking. I might be deaf at this point, but I’m happy. I don’t see this as a goodbye, more of a “see ya later alligator”.
    Until the currents bring me back to you motley crew, let the wind fill your sails and fortune favor your blades.
    I bid you farewell,

    I am the Senate

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