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    Bug(s)being reported: Trap Door Glitch

    Player Reporting it: Nahadoth

    Effects currently active: None
    Tools And Effects: None

    Ping: 31ms

    How often it occurs: Very Often. Simply stand on top of a closed trap door and try to open it so you will fall down. This bug will most likely happen.

    What should happen: The trap door should open and you should fall through it.

    What is happening: When trying to open a trapdoor underneath you, it glitches out, making the opening noise repeatedly. The player falls for a 2nd but is then put back where he was. This is for trapdoors in your own claims.

    Recording of it:

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    Is this in your own trusted claim? Or are you trying to do this with a claim you are not trusted in?

    You are not PVP tagged or in a siege?

    Have you tried it outside a claim?

    Reported to anti-cheat! Thanks for the video its so much easier for everyone to understand, and diagnose.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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