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    Bug(s)being reported: Placing/Breaking Blocks

    Player Reporting it: JoeDanger_

    Effects currently active: Haste 2

    Tools And Effects: Efficiency 5

    Ping: approx 280ms

    How often it occurs: Very often, f you are placing blocks fast(ish) it will almost always happen. Can easily be replicated by simply placing or breaking blocks. Occurs more frequently with haste 2/efficiency 5, but also happens without effects, and with some lower tier enchants, apart from blocks directly under you, which happens regardless of tools/effects.

    What should happen: The blocks should break the first, and when you place them they should not disappear.

    What is happening: When you try to place blocks they disappear, and if you are building up you get glitched around a bit. When you are trying to break blocks they a) Break then re-appear or b) Appear to break but are actually invisible (ghost blocks). When you are placing them some randomly appear then immediately disappear.

    Recording of it:

    I think I covered everything in this, I rushed it so sorry if I missed something.

    I copied Nahadoth’s format for this. Hope you don’t mind Naha <3

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