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    Crusaders of the void was, built out of the downfall of multiple crews and the congregation of these members.From the beginning, our crew has been a melding of pvpers, megalomaniacs, builders, flower pickers and every other type of player/person underneath the sun. These players shaped and molded our crew to the power that it was and I’m happy that we as a group of players can reflect on that time together. CoV was what it was meant to be, a jolly group of individuals answering to nobody and doing what they so pleased. For a long time that is how the crew functioned and as more members joined and other left the goals and ideals of the crew changed. That is not to say that the crew’s intentions changed into a negative entity but I think I can speak for the group when I say that our initial “goals” were different. As solid entities came to oppose us we became more warlike and extreme in our attacks. We believed this was a natural evolution as to stay on top involved the scorched earth and raiding policies we embodied. Through this, we were able to ride at the top of the server for an extended period of time, that I believe is unquestionable.

    While this may be how our crew was seen externally, as an evil Cthulhu style behemoth, internally we had struggles just as any crew. The large diverse player base we had always struggled to find cohesion. Multiple times in our private forums and discussions this almost boiled over. That being said we always pulled through. Recently we have come to an impasse as a crew and have made the decision to leave CoV at the top. That is to say that, CoV will remain as a relic, to remind people of its lasting legacy but to also remind people that even the most powerful can crumble. In light of recent events I think that is the most important lesson to garner from this post. Yes as a crew we may have taken it “too far” at times but that is up to personal debate and I am not apologizing or justifying anybody’s actions in this post.

    That being said with a sour taste in my mouth, I can acknowledge that CoV had formidable enemies. As this being a game and crews not being able to be obliterated, you as a server have survived. From Solis rising from the ashes of many crews to contest us, to the empires surviving the rising tide, I am proud of this player base. I hope that the server can look back at CoVs reign and reflect upon it as a whole.

    By no means are the players of CoV disappearing, merely heading on separate paths. Some may build, joining larger crews, others will continue to hunt every should on the plains of pirate craft. There are infinite possibilities for its members as there is for Pirate craft as a whole. With this note, I conclude this post and this chapter in CoV members lives as well as this Era in pirate craft history.


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    Cheers to the Rise of COV, One crew to never be forgotten.

    Shall a New Crew arise – Khaos



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    Well first of all I have to say good game CoV! Pirate MC has many amazing aspects and attributes that makes it an amazing server, but I have to admit that the main reason I have enjoyed this server so much is because of CoV.. It is the rivalry we have had this last few months that has made this game so frustrating, enjoyable and amazingly fun. You should be proud of CoV, it was in most respects the best crew that Pirate MC has seen, it brings me no pain admitting that! Crusaders of the Void has most definitely earned it’s place in Pirate MC history.

    I look forward to seeing where your members go and what they do in the future, no doubt we will cross paths again 🙂

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    Crusaders of the Void, It’s been a good fight. Its always nice to see people move on, but it’s not good to see a well-formed crew to disband. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, don’t worry. It’s just sad to see a well formed crew to be disbanded. It’s like saying a country is going to announce its seperation, like the United States splitting up into 50 countries. It’s crazy, and these members have the good will to split up for us members. Again, good fight.

    PS: I made this during a concert and just heard Titanic’s “My Heart Will go On”. I think I’m going to cry now.

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    I agree with Joe in some moments I hated CoV when I was raided, but CoV has always been the reason I still play always hoping one day I could beat you. It’s going to be weird without CoV attacking everyone.  🙂

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    I despised you people for so long, not really knowing you individually, but as a whole. I now look back with remorse for my attitude towards you guys. People like you really make the actual “pirate” side of this server fun…


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    Despite our many past disagreements, I have always admired CoV, and the bonds between your members; I hope that as time goes by, the bonds remain in the new crews you will establish. You truly brought fun to the server.

    That said, is there a list of the new crews emerging out of CoV? Who heads them, their general attitudes, members, names, etc? Would be useful in establishing who’s who.

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