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    Hi all Zee_King_Bee here

    Godsy was talking about where people came from country wise

    The Funny thing is i found a video about british people. I assure you in no way shape or form this is ment to be rude just a fun laugh

    CAUTION: A bit of swearing in the video, Viewer discretion is advised

    Oh and i have this second video that I though was absolutely hilarious

    CAUTION: This Second video may make you laugh a lot and smile 🙂

    The second video is on facebook so I hope you have it let me know what you think 😀



    We may get knocked down but does that we mean we can all sit down cry about It.? NO that means it’s time to get your ass off the pity potty and go do something. You are only limited but what you believe.

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    I watched the traffic one, looked out of my window. Yep, its very true. Miserable weather, traffic, traffic lights everywhere, learner drivers slowing down 100 meters before they reach a tiny junction in the middle of nowhere, and then not moving for the next 30 seconds when the light is green.

    But then all of a sudden, the ‘L’ sign comes off and so many of them start driving like maniacs. Not only is it sad that so many in my area drive so badly, and that its dangerous for them and other drivers to do so, but that all of this ‘waiting for them to move’ did not improve their driving skills.  However, there are many good and sensible drivers out there too.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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