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    Upon request, I have built the French ship-of-the-line, Redoutable. I have been working on and off on this ship for about a month now, mostly due to exams and focusing on the new spawn ship.

    The ship itself is your standard ship-of-the-line; a wooden hull, several decks of guns, with sails. The interior is nothing special, featuring a standard layout. I struggled to find good quality deck plans or even drawings of the ship, using mostly pictures of a model that someone created based off the plans. I had quite a lot of issues with the decks, and the placement of the gallery. On the cross-section image, you can see that towards the rear of one of the decks, the deck actually slopes downward.

    The Redoutable had 74 guns, one two main gun decks, and a few on the forecastle and quarter deck. The lower gun deck having 28 guns, and the upper gun deck having 30. I have tried to recreate that, but it was difficult so it may be a little different. Those with keen eyes will notice there are far more that 74 cannons on the ship. This is because I have also included anti-personal guns, carronades, and other types of cannon that are not counted in the ‘74’.

    Overview of the Redoutable:
    The Redoutable was a Téméraire class 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy. Built in 1791, she featured the iconic 74-gun layout that was becoming standard in most navies around the world, bearing the right amounts of firepower, maneuverablily, and survivability. She took part in the battles of the French Revolutionary Wars in the Brest squadron, served in the Caribbean in 1803, and dueled with HMS victory during the Battle of Trafalgar, killing Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson during the action. She sank in the storm that followed the battle.

    Additional Pictures:


    The photos are my own this time with the exception of the water pictures (thanks Chailey <3).

    Thanks to @snapcrackplays for suggesting this and giving me a challenge. If anyone wants to recommend me a ship to build, please do so 😀

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