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    When I logged on today and saw that a rivalry was initiated, and judging from the condition of the base, a war with the seagulls. I would like to hereby apologize on behalf of my foolish Prime Minister, Monkeybob7. I hope that Japan and the Seagulls will still maintain at least Neutral relations.

    If you demand sensible reparations, I possibly could comply.


    Regards, Ten’no of Japan Ultracreeper.

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    Ultracreeper, thank you for the message. You have nothing to worry about from us. The rivalry was initiated for a brief moment from one of your members. I told them there was no need for such actions as it was the result of a altercation between one of my crew members and two of yours. I let them know what such a rivalry would cause and it was removed. On behalf of the SeaGulls our relationship will remain neutral.

    (As for the condition of your base, unless my member messed with it a few days ago, I’m not sure what happened. I’d be happy to assist in fixing any damages.)

    – The_Network

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    Now! That is certainly one of the greatest replies to a forum topic in quite some time. How easy communication can become these days?

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
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