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    hello everyone. As some of you probably know I tried making this crew before. But it couldn’t support itself and fell apart over time. So this time I’m going to be much more careful who I recruit. These are the requirements to be considered an “official” member

    – must have 7+ days of ontime

    -must have considerable skill in combat and defending bases

    -must have a base that has survived or can survive a siege with no losses at all and/or killed the attacker

    -just because this is a half pirate crew doesn’t mean I’m going to recruit jerks. Be a polite player and a fair sport. Or you won’t make it in at all.

    -must be self sufficient. If you haven’t done anything significant by yourself.   You won’t be helpful to this crew. No leeches here.

    -must be trustworthy. I’m not gonna recruit people known for tp trapping  and insiding. I may “pull a stupid” (-cysteen) almost daily but I’m  not gullible. Any suspicion and you won’t be in the crew or stay in for too long unless you prove your trustworthiness.

    if you meet all these requirements you can become a normal member right off the start. If not then post a trainee request to join if you do not meet the requirements above. But please list what you do pass in and how much exactly you have of that requirement. If I decide you can be a trainee you will receive a special rank in the crew and I will help you be trained enough to become an official member. Only 4 people at a time can be trainees as it’s difficult to train 5 or more people at once.

    Please only use this forum for serious questions about the recruitment or making an actual request to join.

    Dear lord was I cringey when I was 14

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    Rejected:alli eat shakira


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    I would like to submit shakentofu97 and myself BackupThree8 as trainees. Hopefully we are accepted, we have played for 1 day so far but we plan on growing a large amount and are very quick learners. Like pvp but aren’t d*cks or sore losers.

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    Ya me and backup are here to have fun but be productive. Getting stuff done is the best part about minecraft. we have both played minecraft for awhile now I won’t say I’m good but definitely experienced. We hope if you give us a chance in your crew that we can benifit it and grow to become better minecraft players.



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    I would join but I only have 1 hour of playtime and I cant win a siege D:

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    I would like to join the crew.

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