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    My Username: VladDracul

    Player(s) RoMich, Dio Tumore,VoldeGio
    Username: {username}
    UUID: {uuid} (You can get it from https://mcuuid.net/?q=username)
    Punishment Tracker URL: http://bans.piratemc.com/

    Reason for Report

    Overview Description of Report
    As you may know recently some players decided to mass grief allot of my unclaimed land and just land surrounding my claims.


    Translated this is what was said: DioTumore>> Che tai faciendo.

    I am not sure what that one meant sadly google isn’t the best sometimes.

    PizzaLover106_02>>distruggo la zona abitate = I destroy the inhabited area

    DioTumore>> Se vuoi puoi venire a vedere lo spettacolo= If you want you can come see the show.

    DioTumore>> Porta cibo pero= but bring food

    VoldeGio>> Si= and

    PizzaLover106-02>>fai pure da solo= go ahead alone

    VoldeGio>> Che cosa= what?

    VoldeGio>>Cose che distruggete?=Things you destroy?

    DioTumore>>Vieni gio=Come on

    DioTumore>>Divertiamoci= Lets have fun

    VoldeGio>>lol= No Translation needed here

    VoldeGio>>Fare un cannone?= Make a cannon?

    VoldeGio>>Bro mi dai unattimo 2 tnt? E laccending che faccio una cosa?= Bro give me a minute 2 tnt and lacending that I do something. {some words lost in translation}

    VoldeGio>> Vediamo se si riesce=Lets see if you can

    DioTumore>> Non si riesce=Not if it succeeds

    DioTumore>>Dammi lo zippo=Give me the zippo{Probably referring to the lighter for the tnt}

    VoldeGio>>Andrebbe fatto piu vicino=It should be done closer{probably referring to tnt spacing}

    VoldeGio>>Ma il concetto ce=But the concept is

    DioTumore>>no{Translation not needed}

    VoldeGio>>ah vero= ah true

    VoldeGio>>Madonna={totally random in reference to Virgin mary?}

    VoldeGio>> un uova= an egg


    VoldeGio>>Io sto qua=Im here

    VoldeGio>> XD{No translation needed}

    DioTumore>>Porca Madonna ahaaja bla bla ={Foul langage this is sensored for young views sake}

    VoldeGio>>Basta che mi dai le cose adatte=Just give me the right things

    VoldeGio>>Che io sono povero=that I am poor

    PizzaLover106-02>>scava tutto quello che vuoi=Dig all you want

    VoldeGio>>dove={lost in translation}

    [me-> Xeron>>] destroying roads is considered exesive griefing?

    {This is the funny part he actually asked staff  it was excessive griefing wow! }

    DioTumore>>Il video?= the video?

    PizzaLover106-02>> Im doing

    DioTumore>>Sto distruggendo tutte le strade= Im destroying all the streets

    DioTumore>> Ho troppa fame= Im too hungry



    DioTumore>> Non posso andare alter=I cant go any further

    DioTumore>>Volge=he turns

    Bolan1>> oh nothing

    VoldeGio>> Si?=Be{Not sure about context}


    VoldeGio>>Ho inv piena XD=I have full inv XD

    DioTumore>> Devo raidare un tipo={Um sensored for young viewers look it up yourselves}

    PizzaLover106_02>> Chi{Im guess he meant Chill as in chill the heck out?}

    DioTumore>>ops=[lost in translation]

    Bolan1>> idk who should I hunt for


    Bolan1>>mabey Nasher

    Bolan1>> Or ScriptX



    DioTumore>>Lets raid Nasher

    more bla bla bal about going after someone etc…

    PizzaLover106_02>> voide vieni nuova zona=Volde come new areas

    VoldeGio>>Bro vieni  vedere XD=Bro come see

    PizzaLover106_02>>Vedo=I see

    VoldoGio>>Davanti al suo forte=In front of his fort

    Credits bla bla bla bla

    Okay well this is the translation for the video and don’t ask me how long it took ha ha.







    VoldeGio>>Che io sono povera




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