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    Shop signs, stock, display, storage, sorting ripped to shreds.

    Summary: Come look its much more than 3 hours of work and i can only link 5 screen shots.



    Basic Farms, Redstone farms, entity farms, entity storage, general walls rooves floors, broken at seemingly random n murdered entirely.

    172 bees named all different bee puns displaced from their Redstone wired homes to auto shear 4 hives and auto bottle 8 hives per chunk x 4 chunks 12 x3 x4= # of named bees

    over 150 villagers sorted 24 for a chunk n named in unique displays demolished. (would’ve been personally reduced to ten due to Godsy’s new update)

    entire floor of Redstone farms with random Redstone or blocks broken in their wiring. to break it down each column is two modules each row has 5 columns and each farmable has 2 rows, so 2 pumpkin rows melons rows cactus n sugarcane= 20 modules per farmable sabotaged at random

    Vanilla farms with water all over or just gone.

    all chests for sorting broken

    full beacon status stolen etc etc etc.

    Summary: way > than 3 hours of work hands down no questions come see


    “Alps” (and surrounding alps claims i guess):

    /crew home blocked off. lava poured, all doors broken, random crew homes broken into, heads stolen from graveyard, auto brewer cleared out dubs of every pot, auto locking door system demolished at random. random holes in roof. missing a beacon

    Summary: wasent bad until the auto locking door system and auto brewer were torn thru at random, exceeds 3 hours of work


    Magma: A magma spawner……… and a chest storage system for piglin trades, probably random walls n rooves. the floor’s expensive tiles.

    Summary: doesnt exceed 3 hours of work, magma spawner was just worth noting


    *Not expecting any items or entities back just seeing what builds can be regenned before i potentially start working away at it myself*

    Best Regards,


    *Not expecting any items or entities back just seeing what builds can be regenned before i potentially start working away at it myself*

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    I hope you’re able to get something back from this, at least the builds & farms & redstone systems that im sure take a lot of time to create.

    This is blatantly such an extreme raid that was unneccesary. I don’t see how anyone could go as far as zqLeon did & get away with it. And how the hell does someone feel the need to go that far? Shows a lot about character & intent on this server.

    And yes, I was among the dozen people in your shop trying to get any items I could (building blocks mostly) so I’m not saying I’m above anyone. But if I was in that situation I would’ve taken advantage of the item / loot gain, not go so far as attempt to ruin someones intent to ever play again.

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    Sadly you’re going to have to rebuild, I do have a copy of your shop on test server from a while ago tho.

    We have a backup system, but its not as easy to restore as it was previously in 1.12 as the world file-size tripled, so the new backup system keeps day changes over 1 master copy for 10+ days, the downside of this, is if I need to restore I have to re-build from this system which takes a long time to re-create the world, this is so I can have 10+ days of backups at a filesize that is manageable, otherwise I would only be able to keep 1 day of backups.

    So its saved for catastrophic failure only and not quick restores for players like I was able to do before, which does open us up to grief like this (for the time being).

    Please do feel free to create a support ticket https://piratemc.com/support/ for the moderation team if you wish to report those responsible.

    Sadly for you, its on my todo list to re-create my old restore system by using an additional server I have on the same network, but its down the bottom of my todo list as I have backups working & also working off site! So this is only QOL for myself for quick restores!

    All I can offer you right now is a copy of your shop from test server as that will be fast to copy over.

    Feel free to DM me on Discord.

    I suggest you rebuild and plan revenge on getting backstabbed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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