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    My Username: {CaptainLunarCat}

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: {The Crew CSN (I don’t know specifics)}

    UUID: {9ce67a4d-5561-4949-84f2-870d4e7107cd} (You can get it from https://mcuuid.net/?q=username)
    Punishment Tracker URL: http://bans.piratemc.com/

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    {harassing, griefing}

    Overview Description of Report
    {My base was bombed excessively by CSN (at least that’s what I think it was) 3552 63 -903}

    Detailed Information
    {5/8-9/2022 My base was destroyed in all places inbetween claims (grass) down about 11 blocks with lots of tnt my crew is kinda small and hasn’t done anything hostile towards the crew CSN. The base right now looks like a nuke was dropped and since its in 1.12.2 area it can’t be regenerated}

    {3552 63 -903 coords}

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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