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    Here at the PirateCraft Trading Company, we pride ourselves on always striving to offer the best value for money that we can! As such, we have compiled a list of prices for our enchanted books for all to see here! Further information as to how to place an order will be provided following the list of prices. We are always striving to lower our costs so that we can provide you with enchanted books at a very fair value!

    Unbreaking III: £82.50

    Mending: £90

    Fortune 3: £82.50

    Power V: £247.50

    Feather Falling IV: £112.50

    Frost Walker I: £150

    Thorns III: £105

    Infinity: £75

    Respiration III: £82.50

    Punch I: £75

    Bane of Arthropods: £180

    Knockback II: £120

    Looting III: £90

    Fire Aspect II: £75

    Protection IV: £150

    Sharpness V: £127.50

    Aqua Affinity: £75

    Depth Strider III: £120

    Efficiency V: £210

    Flame: £75

    Silk Touch: £75

    If you would like to place an order with the PirateCraft Trading Company, please follow the following steps:

    1. Send myself (Chailey) a message over the website stating your order. (Orders provided as comments on this thread will be ignored. Please send me a private message).
    2. If you have order at least £1,000 worth of books, then a bulk-buying discount will be applied. This discount increases with every £1,000 worth of books that you buy, up to a total of £4,000.
    3. I will then send you the final price and an estimated date of order completion.
    4. You may then choose a date to come and collect your order, provided that this date is after the estimated date of completion.
    5. As I gather your order, I will keep you regularly updated as to its status.

    Every order of at least £200 with the PirateCraft Trading Company will result in a ticket to enter a monthly lottery draw of £200. Tickets are at the discretion of the business. Placing many orders of £200 in order to gain many tickets may result in you being forbidden to enter the month’s lottery.

    Any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!

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    When Bane of Anthropods is worth more then Mending… God save our souls

    Founder of the Coalition

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    Actually, bane is very useful in many spawners.


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    @Chailey by any chance do you sell luck of the sea 3?


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