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    Elven Embassy
    Hello People on Piratecraft!

    This is the new Foreign Relations Head, PythonAce
    The Elven Empire’s Government has worked tirelessly to make a better, more functional and efficient government and over weeks of talking it has finally come with the results of the new EE heads!

    –Kings and Queens–

    Their duty is to ensure the protection of his/her people. To make sure everything in the government and all of the empire is secured and taken care of. That if a situation is to go wrong they are the first to hear of it, their job is to also sign off on major national and international means, involving the empire. As well as choosing what is best for the entire empire.

    *King* Xaniclos

    –Elven Government Jobs-

    PythonAce- Foreign Relations Head
    Their duty is to maintain the satiability within the empires allies, and truce as well as peaceful matters. Also To ensure more trade and friendly relations with other nations are established and going smoothly. They are in charge of the Embassy and main political leader. Any request from other nations will be passed along and dealt upon by the council, then answered by the Foreign Head.

    Mr_Teub- Royal Advisor
    Their duty is to make sure all minor things are handled. Additionally they ensure the King’s and Queen’s are leaded in the correct direction and to ensure the satiability of the government.

    MrMehHehHeh- Senior General
    Their job is to make sure all militant matters if it comes to forts, naval or elite are running smoothly, to make sure the training of the empires troops are at its highest level. As well, they make sure the soldiers involved in the armed forces are all disciplined and know basic elements in their own branch.

    *King*Hades_Morvothril- Chief Civil Executive
    They ensure all civil matters held within the Empire are satisfied. Their main, up most important, job is to make sure all civil and local militant actions are monitored and that all lands are running together, in harmony.

    *King*Xaniclos- Lord of Defense
    Their job Is to ensure that the empire is entirely safe with anything defense wise, such as fort inspections, to checking on major cities to help improve the defense from invaders. Their job is also to ensure that people in the empire are safe from air, land, and sea invasions, which is also including our own borders.

    *Queen*Reptaria-Head of Council
    They have the final word, which is the direct decision overall. They can kick out government members with the complete support of the council. They are the law and enforce the law, are able to establish new laws if agreed upon. They are the second to last final word if the nation should go to war or not, once the choice is made the King’s/Queen’s who must all sign off on the declaration.

    *Queen*Angel_Morvothril- Head of Justice
    Their job is to maintain and uphold the basic laws of the empires people. To enforce and request additional laws to be made to the council that will be passed to the Head of Council. Their up most priority is to make sure all citizens and military follow the basic given laws and principles of the empire.


    (modified to try to correct grammar and such)

    The Queen
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    Congratulations! 🙂

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    Brother Kanube, head of the Order of St. Ender, Watcher of the Void
    ~~~~~ from the dust of the void all is made, and to the void it returns~~~~~

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    The Elves really need to work on their grammar… That, and their gender… How can a queen be a lord? She can’t… A queen would be a lady, therefore, “lord of justice” should be replaced with “lady of justice”… Also, how can you use “their” correctly and “there” incorrectly in the same bloody sentence?

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    Charlie that about the gender…there are many controversies about that as far as i know.
    Most involve the issue that a lady may not hold power in traditional countries.
    Therefore ladies that somehow got these powers decided to take the name of a lord or just pretend to be a man.

    Discrimination against genders really was and is an issue 😉

    I like the clear hierarchie you put out there should make some stuff easier.

    The Queen
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    i tried tweaking those their’s guess they were put in wrong  🙂

    Also following what sting said.


    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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