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    Ma boi CrazyMoneyy and I are going to stand as VPM and PM respectively. Our goals are aimed at improving the BE’s status, changing it’s recent introvertcy and improving it’s personal wealth.

    Walls everywhere  Crew defense

    We’re going to make it a requirement of everybody serving in the navy to have discord and teamspeak, to use during battles, and at least a small arsenal of god gear, pots etc.

    Attitudes towards  Piracy

    We’re going to encourage a far more positive approach towards pirates and raiders, in order to prosper alongside them.

    Stop bureaucracy

    The government will be far less bureacratic. Any government member, including the Admiral, may declare war on a crew at any time (with reason). NAPs will be much less easy to obtain, to decrease the number of random noob crews with immunity. All existing NAPs will be revisited by the PM and VPM, who will make a decision.

    Public influence

    The BE will host regular ship battles, PvP matches, etc with other crews, and friendship between members of BE and other crews will be encouraged.

    Rules and Ranks

    All existing rules will be looked at and stripped way down to no more than five rules, since right now we have three pages of rules or something ridiculous.

    Ranks will be revisited, with many being removed, to create no more than eight ranks (excluding government members), and kewl nicknames will be added on the end of ranks, just cuz.

    Anime is luv, Anime is lyfe 

    Anime will be the BE’s official religion. Anybody found out to not be worshipping it will be ganked by Monks.

    So if you want to Make BE Great Again… 

    Vote Snap and Crazy on Thursday!





    -Proprietor of Fort Abercrombie

    -Patient #412 of the Asylum

    "I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps."
    Horatio Nelson

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