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    Ma boi CrazyMoneyy and I have decided to run as VPM and PM of the BE respectively. Vote for us if you want:

    Walls, Walls and even more Walls Better crew defense 

    Every marine will have to be a decent pvper with god gear, pots, etc, with officers drawn from the crew’s pool of OP pvpers such as monks and flea. All crew pvpers must have teamspeak and discord voicechat for better communication during fights.

    Rules and Ranks

    No more than five rules will exist within the crew, at present we have wayyyy too many, I think three pages or something insane. I will funnel down all crew hierarchy to only eight crew ranks, excluding the government, to make everything more simple.

    Much more tolerance to Pirates

    We appear to have a put a taboo on the w0rd “Pirate”, whilst signing NAPs with a ton of nublet noob killers. BE will enjoy a friendly relationship with pirates, fighting alongside them to kill people who are actually complete and utter *@!#*!.


    New players will be allocated to relatively small, remote, and well defended fortresses, known as hives, in groups of 3-4 to begin with. Each hive will contain individual rooms for each member, a small farm, chest rooms etc. Hive members can turn what was once a small area into a larger base, with more rooms, farms, and members, and in turn hives can turn into very large, safe buildings for new players.  A more senior ranked player, like a marine, will head the hive. The idea is that deckies and cadets have a decent level of protection and are safer than most other new players, which will in turn attract more players.

    Less NAPs

    We have signed NAPs with quite a few nooby crews who often call upon our protection and whine at us the rest of the time. NAPs will be much harder to get and all existing NAPs will be reviewed.

    A complete purge of inactive members

    Anyone with an inactivity of more than 2 months, excluding well known players such as TimHuisman, will be kicked from the crew.


    If a captain can muster two or more marines, and has the support of a government member, they can raise a legion. Each legion has it’s own well defended fortress, (often the Captain’s personal base) and a stockpile of god gear, pots, etc, as well as it’s own unique colour, which it’s member should wear on their cape or shield. For example, Monks could raise the Monkey Loyalists, using his ocean battery as the legionary fortress, and have a yellow banana cape as his colour. If three marines can get together, with at least one government’s members support, and raise a legion, the marines may decide which one of them is promoted to captain. Raising a legion in this way is the only path to promotion, and thus marines will be encouraged to train up and gear new recruits.


    Spicy memeism will become the BE’s official religion. Anyone who has a problem with this will be played the following video at 3x speed on repeat.


    So vote Snap and Crazy on the 17th of November to make BE great again!




    -Proprietor of Fort Abercrombie

    -Patient #412 of the Asylum

    "I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps."
    Horatio Nelson

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