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    Blu Pearson
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    Hey folks,

    As you know we set up an Eggwars, I mean Bootywars server around Christmas as something fun to do with your crew or rivals when your bored or what not. It seemed people played once or twice and made some complaints and abandoned it. πŸ™

    I want to make it fun and playable for you guys but I dont play eggwars, skywars, hunger games, etc.. very often so I dont know what you pro minigamers expect from the game set up.

    So I am asking for some actual constructive feedback on the setup we have and what the set up should be like for competitive and enjoyable play.

    To get there from survival you can use /play or /go or /travel Or just /server bootywars
    Or add to your serverlist. To get back use the /play, /go, /travel or /server survival.

    The rule for this (and in all of life) is:

    If you have a complaint about something offer a possible solution for how it can be made better.

    Do not just complain for the sake of complaining!!! its not helpful. Staff cannot read your mind and know how to improve things.Β  If you cant think of a solution/suggestion then explain what you feel would have made it a better experience for you.

    If there is a bug/glitch please follow the bug/glitch report process –Β State the bug/glitch – make a note of when, where, how, etc.. if you can get a video of it. If you cant give as much info as possible so we can try to replicate it and report it to the developer to get it fixed.

    Ok with that being said, there’s a lot of cool stuff waiting to happen games, new worlds, and other stuff but we can only push one thing at a time, make it right, and then start the next thing. For this WE NEED YOU πŸ™‚ so helps us, help you, make this server even cooler.

    So get on the Bootywars server and be our beta testers.

    Things to think about:

    map/arena layout: Are the arenas too small or to big, are the islands to close too far apart, etc…

    gameplay: i.e. are there enough spawners, are the spawners to fast or to slow, are the kits good and priced ok, are the villager shop items good and priced ok, would it be good to have block breaking and crafting is that even a thing in eggwars haha, etc…

    Just what ever comes to mind while playing but dont over think it so that your not having fun.

    Thanks everyone and the faster we get this squared away the quicker we can focus on the next cool addition to Piratecraft. πŸ™‚

    P.S. This thread is only for Bootywars all other suggestions and what not need to go somewhere else.

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    I didn’t realize there was even a mini games server? I will have to check it out and give you some feed back.

    Who is Cooler than the Cactus?!

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    Yeah, I think the lack of people knowing about the server existing may have had something to do with it.

    It may also be impacted by the lack of people playing which would mean the games could be unable to occur or there are so few it could be boring/one-sided.

    Either way, I’d play it, when I have my laptop fixed or a new one, after I’ve finished everything driving related and have money to spare.



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    Before everyone replies “Didn’t know about it lulz” It’ s an open Alpha, which means its in Open live testing, this means you have to play it and report what needs to change. The BIGGEST issue I have when I post a blog post or forum thread, people expect it to somehow have 100 hours testing and tweaks.


    So I will no longer post anything until people have tested things properly and requested all changes.

    This week I made the NPC at /hub and added the /travel menu to survival.

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    One of the big problems were the generators. They are so slow at the beginning, no action can happen without one person just sitting on them. Even after that, the prices for most iron commodities are overpriced, which makes the game even slower. Also, once one goes to middle, the diamond generator is also quite slow. I suggest buffing it a bit, and having more around the middle. In addition, also have other types of generators at middle. Also, after I think 4-5 minutes, there is a generator upgrade which makes everything super fast and harder to upgrade again. So, maybe up the generators from a start to like, one iron per 1.5 seconds. And like, 25 iron to get it to level 2 and 1 iron every 0.75 seconds.

    im a kau

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