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    I am currently first rank but I plan to buy top rank with this 50% discount coupon that I think is active right now. First of all are there rank upgrades or do I have to pay the full price? Also, what is the best free reward and spawn egg to pick? I was thinking creeper eggs because you can blow up bases or something idk, and enderchest + enchantment table? What do you guys think?

    Also, with my first purchase I brought horse eggs instead of the ones I wanted. I was about to go use them but I realised they’re horse eggs. I have proof of the purchase and would like to ask if I can trade these eggs for the one I wanted to click?

    Also, are you allowed to log off inside someone’s base after you win a siege/if they try to kill you and you log off before they tag you? And when you rejoin the server, if you join through map chat, minechat or discord chat, does it instantly TP you to spawn ignoring the surroundings you were in? For example if you log off next to flowing lava, and once you log off the lava flows into you, when you come back in using these chats, will you take fire damage or…? I know spawn heals you but still, 5 seconds is 5 seconds?


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    Black Friday-Cyber Monday is long gone, I removed the banner that was left over from that weekend.

    The donator ranks are completely separate from the rankable ranks, You can earn all ranks in-game ranking up to Quatermaster, or you can buy them up to Firstmate, quatermaster is only obtainable legit. And then there are Donator ranks which are additional Ranks with donator permissions. These are layered on top of the initial ranking ranks, so when they run out you are still your rankable rank.

    There are no rank>rank upgrades, you just get the one above it, thats overly complex.

    No you cant trade items, just pick the right items at checkout.

    What the hell does that last paragraph say? are you trying to ask 3 separate questions? Write your questions as individual quesions in bullet points or numbered, I cant understand you.



    • Topics: 6
    • Replies: 8
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    Thanks for the help. I already tested the last one!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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