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    Ok i just want to say 1 thing. Over the last 24 hours some of the post on the forums and things said in game have been very disrespectful and rude. And it is upsetting and VERY uncalled for. We must remember children play on this server and as a parent i am seeing it get alot worse, and this is upsetting me long with some other parents who play on this server with me that i have spoke with, now i am not one to say i have never done anything so dont attack me. But i am going to post the rules as written on this website.

    1.Be polite & respectful to players no trolling, harassing, bullying, etc

    8. keep chat readable, English only and PG-rated.

    I hope everyone on here can see this as a issue and try and take it down a notch, If you have a issue with someone send them a msg don’t say it in chat don’t post it on the forums if you going to bash them or cuss them out. All that this is doing is spreading hatred around this server.

    Now take this as you want, i have said my peace and will move on.





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    @souldin thanks for the reminder, its scary how easily i forget this stuff. Ill do my best to keep the lang down even if its not in a mean way

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    @astrobolt thanks for understanding 🙂

    Things just get out of hand some times, we have all done it.


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    I’m sorry for what’s been going on, I’ll try to stay calm and keep my chat PG related because like you said, children play on this server, @souldin

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    Thanks @Keto for understanding 🙂


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    @souldin , thank you very much for reminding everyone ! As a fellow pirate parent I can only reiterate !

    Pirates, never forget: whatever you say can be “screenshotted” or copied. Please stay respectful and reasonable.
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    another thing is killing the younger players you should be teaching them not annoying the crap out of them

    my son {who’s autistic} rarely comes on cause people just kill him way too many times and i will keep my chat PG

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    Since were speaking of kids… reminds me of the time I was on TS and heard souldins baby laugh omg I was like awwww that’s so adorable!


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