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    I’ve left this brief, but to rid any confusion discord is a gamer friendly voice/text chat platform for communication, and inter-player coordination.

    I’ve decide to add some channels to the top of my discord server for the community. I’ve also gone and added all of the player ranks so far. I’ll be giving administrative rights to CallieMav McShovel, and GodsDead. Once they come on of course. They will have full control to make channels for crews, and make it so only the crew members may join said channels. I hope everyone will at least give the server a shot. Discord is only getting more popular, and for good reason.


    See you there everyone!

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    We have an official discord stream. We have for a while. I’m on my phone at present so I can’t paste the URL.

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    @GodsDead , are you still on your phone ? 😉

    I’d love to see the stream on discord , that service looks very promising.
    It would be great to see what it all can do .


    Proud Member of the Piratecraft history 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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