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    SO a many moons ago, I wrote a post forum thing, where I said if people liked it enough, I would post my rant, well despite no one ever holding me to it, I held myself to it, and in the midst of just feelings incredibly board in the middle of some Philosophy a-levels revision stuff, which I am going to finish and just reap the consequences of not finishing it, which I don’t really care about.

    Anywhere, here was my offering to the lord, the meme, the deist god- Ms Garner.

    Don’t Get Me Started On

    English Homework

    By Palmerageddon (expected me to put my real name? ha no 😛

    Ladies & Gentlemen I am here to enlighten & amaze you, as that is my goal in life & today, but it has become a drag doing it day in & day out.

    I am here to propose a way of stopping this from happening, allow me to explain to some of your ‘lesser’ minds.

    Sometimes I sit there & hear conversation, that’s all fine & dandy until you hear a crucial detail which is wrong.

    I then sit there listening to more & more details be missed, feeding false information to each other, making the bonds of that greater, making the chances of it being passed on into an infant like a gene, giving it a deformed idea of the world around it.

    This annoys people like me, we have far too many children, adults, aunts, uncles, elders, parents, siblings, friends & peers being wrong on a regular basis & it’s all because of one minor detail which can send us spiralling down into oblivion because of the lack of knowledge.

    You may say I’m over reacting & yes I may be but if you ever hear someone make a mistake which could have easily been avoided you would feel what I feel.

    For this I have come up with a solution; in every house, street, building, room, car, plane etc.

    There should be a small ‘robot’ on the roof or wall, inside it would have a voice decoder which when listening to people it would compare it with actual fact & what they are saying.

    If they get things wrong which could be easily learnt, discussed about before asking it or just easily avoided if they thought about it thoroughly, this would also track their brain waves to tell what sort of IQ this person had & what they know & whether it’s relevant or not will help decide the consequence.

    But this consequence is only wrong, the detail if it is wrong will make the ‘robot’ quickly arm it’s self with a lazer designed to destroy the mind & soul of that person instantly; no pain the wrong-doer will feel but only all their cells at once being taken apart to their bare essentials; in other words, atoms.

    An example is when you’re at an aquarium or zoo, you often hear parents telling their children the abbreviated term of an animal name to their child, for this they do not get destroyed, as the child (if a suitable age) may not know what a Tiger Shark may look like but would know it would be of Shark shape.

    For once I was at an Aquarium & a Bonnethead Shark swam past in one of the tanks.

    A child at one would look at a Bonnethead Shark & think ‘Hammerhead Shark’ as that is one of the only sort of shark species they could define as it is different.

    The problem which would probably get them blown up & their parents as they didn’t quickly correct them was that lots of information around the tank told you about the fish in it, though these were on scrolling screens boards where in place too but still this child didn’t learn & the parents made no attempt at putting the mistake right.

    Another is when movies are talked about with friends or family.

    An increasing number are getting made up mistake names which are almost exactly the opposite of what their actual name is.

    For example an increasing amount of people call the film; Absolutely Anything – Absolutely NOTHING.

    This gets me annoyed as it is completely the wrong name & its so seemingly obvious no one would call a film like that as no one would actually would want to watch it but I would but only because I would be going to the right place while all the others are going ‘where is Absolutely NOTHING?’ while I’m sitting in a cinema somewhere on my own watching the ACTUAL film because I know what its name really is.

    I believe the Human race is beginning to evolve into a race where back in time intelligence was seen as a brilliant ability we have against other life forms on Earth, when many people appreciated this many of the things we know now which they thought, are true.

    So even though many of what they knew back then, has now been proven wrong like I just said, they took pride correcting people & if people were wrong they would get attacked in the streets.

    This I know is wrong in modern culture but the fact that people are no long corrected properly in a formal way has now turned strong believers in the true into believers in the true but we don’t really care whether we are right or wrong.

    This seems pedantic & yet again I agree but it’s beginning to grow on us.

    More & more poor nations are getting education & if the world continues to grow like this they will get education but it would be like YES I FINALLY CAN LEARN BUT WHAT EVER I THEN LEARN DOESN’T MATTER AS THE MODERN WORLD ACCEPTS IT.

    Another example is people use to think we were in the centre of the entire universe.

    It’s a nice idea yet it is wrong.

    If people back then said it was wrong like it is they could be put on trial, after being told they were wrong.

    Today we go ‘don’t be silly’ & pat those who believe this on the head & give feeble explanations.

    This can be seen as over a THIRD of Russia thinks the SUN goes round the Earth.

    Yet we know this is wrong nothing happens to help educate them & tell them it’s wrong, so this gets passed on.

    We need to destroy people like this & it’s not just Russia but also sometimes on the desks around me who think things like this.

    So now after I have enlightened you now & surely amazed you join me & lets help our race get back on legs & NEVER BE WRONG AGAIN!

    So yeah, I got rid of all the rubbish <span> stuff for you all so you can read it properly, hate it when the website does that, but I hope you all enjoyed, it and I decided not to attach it as a file as I wanted to allow many people to be able to access it easily, whether they were on their daily commute on their phone, their car (get off your phone if so) or on the toilet.

    Right anyway, whilst I got get ready for my part as the antagonist for Kingsman 3, tell me what you thought of 14/15 year old me and if I get a sufficient amount of likes, I will post my next piece of crap I wrote- perhaps about a year after, anyway good day all, and I hope to get my computer properly fixed soon.


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