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    Hello everyone!

    I have this bad habit of writing giant updates as replys to people on irrelevant threads, so I have created a dedicated testing thread!

    I am testing the conversion of all our plugins & worlds from 1.7.10 to 1.8 on my local development server, this server is white-listed to approved players only, if you would like to help me test things, please reply to this thread with your username.

    This is a test environment, any tests I do here will need to be done again on the live server as data changes every minute!

    Development server:

    Current Status: Waiting for GriefPrevention to convert Player names to UUID (10 hours so far)

    What Needs testing?

    • Essentials: homes/money/kits/mail/warps Generally all commands.
    • GriefPrevention: Did all your claims convert? Did your subclaims work? Can you make new claims? can you trust people? Can you grief other peoples claims? Is siege working? We need to test every aspect of the new GriefPrevention, this is a complete re-write of the plugin and has a new developer it will act differently.
    • World(s): Sign data, Did it get destroyed? Test new blocks & functions of 1.8, what else needs testing?

    More Detail:

    The development server hasn’t loaded yet as im waiting for GriefPrevention to convert player usernames from lowercase to the correct uppercase letters, the conversion to 1.8 isn’t just moving to a new server file, its much more.
    For instance my data is stored as godsdead, this needs to be changed to GodsDead, so then it can look up the proper UUID which happens next, so close to 20,000 players need to be checked for upper/lower case first, and then again to convert those to UUIDS.

    Then the world itself needs to do a conversion from 1.7.10 to 1.8, We haven’t got this far yet as im waiting on griefprevention.

    Again, this is only a test, a local test, since this data changes rapidly each and every day, Once I have tested everything and I am happy nothing will be destroyed, I then have to run it on the most uptodate data.

    I think it’ll take around about 24 hours to just complete the GriefPrevention data upgrade for the development server, once this finishes I can invite people on to see what happened to the world so we can check for problems with those 2 plugins.

    Once I have those plugins sorted, I can move on and test each and every plugin individually by itself, again a very very long process, Ironing out any problems along the way.

    Then once I have all this tested, I will need to re-do the entire thing again, on the live server.

    I predict that all signs will break in this initial test, If they do we have 2 options.

    Get every shop owner to empty their shop before the switch, I will give fair warning of a week once im sure there is no way to convert the world saving the data.

    The other option which I hope will work is a flag that can be set in the startup shell script to convert old sign data to new, now this is out of my control and lies in the hosts hands, It can only be done once, and needs to be removed, if something goes wrong or they screw it up, then I will have to revert to a world backup.

    Seeing that Im not in control I have to work alongside the host to do this, since I cant do it locally and upload the world as my internet is so poor, the world is 3.6GB in size.

    Another obstical is that we can only convert GriefPrevention data once the servers already on 1.8, so I would have to wait the 24 hours conversion time to see if the host managed to set the flag correctly and nothing goes wrong.

    Unless I block all changes to GriefPrevention (somehow?) on the live server so I can convert locally, and upload that live? Its a big catch 22 the whole thing.

    Im testing locally, and seeing what happens first.

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    UserName: CallieMav

    Would love to help test.

    I’ll Check everything on that list and then some. =)




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    Dr_solid i have a break of the 40 hour’s so i’m in


    Posesore of the Ope Ope No Mi

    i realy like One Piece


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    Update, After 27 hours the GriefPrevention conversion is STILL going, Ive notified the developer and im the first to report this!


    Ryan Cottone
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    Name: Ryguybuddy

    This sounds awesome, we could also test new plugins for the server here.


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    Ill test!

    None of this will carry over, so we can blow things up right? (To test claims obviously!)


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    I’m up for helping!

    In-game name: Verihax



    I’m pretty good at finding/causing bugs, so I’ll be a thorough tester.


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    I would love to help test!


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    as always. I’m willing to help.


    Crazy Pirate
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    I am happy to test, as usual!

    - CrazyPirate
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    I can help test the Movecraft and cannons stuff 😀


    ~High Admiral of the BE Navy and EventMaster of the Piratecraft Survival Server~


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    Name: enderflier


    Happy to test, not got any real projects goin on yet.


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    Hey; not sure if we’ve been added to the list or not; Whenever I try to enter it says:

    Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException

    I only ask because previously not having access to a whitelisted server it would say ‘Sorry! This server is whitelisted!’ but this looks more to be a timeout message like the server isn’t up (even though it shows as online).

    Not sure if this is a common error, or if those listing their names are just not put in yet, or the server is malfunctioning or what but I figured I’d report to make sure.


    Alex Lazescu
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    I’m up for blowing things up – I mean err, testing movecraft + cannons + claim! 😀

    Retired Pirate 6/25/14 -- 6/15/15


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    @azuries Again, Like I have said It literally has taken 4 days for GriefPrevention to complete its conversion, its just been sitting there clocking over, again, nothing can happen until this has finished, I just looked and saw some people have got onto the development server before even I have, and somehow the whitelist is gone!?

    It looks like the conversion crashed after 4 days, which is a shame and a complete waste of time.

    Im getting a lot of error messages to do with the built in default minecraft statistics saved per player in the world at present, I will update once Im ready for people to come on.

    I will whitelist everyone in this thread.

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