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    Dear Fellow Pirates,

    I have recently finished a minigame that encourages teamwork. It is a basic minigame that requires 3 people to play, two people press color coded buttons and the third person runs through a 2D field and try to press 3 buttons to open a door on top of the map. When on the ‘green’ pressure plate all the green blocks will come out of the 2D playing field for the person to use as platforms to jump on. There are 4 blocks throughout the playing field; diamond, gold, green wool, and red wool. I attached pictures for more information. No death or killing is involved in this minigame, I apologize, maybe next time.

    I am holding a competition to see which team can complete my minigame  the fastest. The winning team will win $300 to be split among the team . To register you must reply your name, your friend’s names, and your team name under my forum post. You may not be in more than 1 team. You have 2 runs the best time will be taken from both of your runs and will be used as your score in the tournament. Any time before you actually compete you may contact me and use the field to practice. All registering stops February 2nd. Note: This is a minor tournament and is only for fun, bigger prizes may be awarded in future tournaments.

    For more information please contact me:

    Discord: DakotaReef#4363

    Minecraft: DakotaReef

    Forums: DakotaReef


    Drink beer and may the best team win,


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    This is freaking awesome! I would love to see this in action/make a video about it 🙂

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    This is freaking awesome! I would love to see this in action/make a video about it 🙂

    I would love to invite you to a game!

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    Hey, better have kept my time!
    Also, you should add:

    ” It also doubles as the perfect torture device to humiliate your friends! “

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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    Team: Team Typhoon

    Team member’s: BlackShadow969, Magic_Maker_, KitKat465

    We are willing to compete. A few questions. Is there any end date so we can’t submit our times once the date has passed? Also, do we have to be in at a certain time to have our times recorded, or will we be able to do it whenever?

    Can’t wait to test this minigame DakotaReef!

    Leader of TLC (The Loners Crew)
    I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
    ----Thomas A Edison----

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