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    User Name: Nahadoth

    Suggestion: Make Custom heads like cannon balls more available.


    Now that you have a plugin which lets you set chest to have an item in it for each player, and even reset over time, some new opportunities are available. Could you make somewhere at cove the cannonball custom head and others that you want, available. They would be in a chest that resets quickly so people can decorate their builds with pirate themed objects. If you want to make it cost money set up a device sign that controls a piston that locks the chest. Set the reset time for the head to reaper to the time it takes the sign to reset. 5 dollars a head i think would be good. Would love to set up cannonball heads and food stands and such for my bases. Looking forward to your thoughts on this Gods.

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    I think we should remove cobble stone as a projectile, and instead use cannonball custom heads instead! Just a bit more piratey themed :3. Also, do heads stack up to 64? Because if you were to carry a cannonball in real life, I’m pretty sure you cannot carry 64 in your hand everywhere 😛






    im a kau

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    Zombie head projectile for poison effect >.>

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    Yes please!! That’ll finally make my zombie grinder useful… Make me stop wishing for a skeleton grinder.

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    im a kau

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