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    My name is Dane otherwise known as Crixton, I started pirate craft a long time ago back in 2014 under the username xX_S_h_a_d_o_w_Xx at the young age of 11. I was soon banned in 2015 after swearing at an admin and that was the end of it, I was super upset and unhappy about what had happened, so I tried to find new things to do, new servers to play. But they didn’t work… So, I stopped playing for about a month then came back and had forgotten my log-in information. So, I created a new account I named CrixMC and started playing Minecraft again, every day for hours upon hours. Then in 2017 at the age of 14 I decided to re-join PirateCraft and the adventures started again, I adventured and made new friends, I had great experiences and met great people.
    Now in 2019, I only login every so often for the nostalgic feeling we all love and hate. I recently retrieved my older account Which is now called “JustDane” that I about about to rename “Crixton”, after I renamed “CrixMC” to “NotCrixton”. I recently got JustDane unbanned from PirateMC.
    I will be using my old account as my main from now on, I understand one of my accounts will definitely be getting banned, in that case I would prefer to keep “JustDane” which is now “Crixton”, even though all the progress I had on there has been reset.

    I am okay with this decision and I’m not hiding it. I understand the consequences of Ban Evading and if I must be banned, I am ready to accept the punishment, I have had a great time on Pirate Craft and I appreciate all the people I have met and adventured with. If action could somehow be forgiven, I would appreciate being able to log in every now and then.
    Thanks for your time

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    • ★★★★★★

    You were annoying >:I

    But yeah welcome back

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