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    A command to trust your entire crew instead of having to go through the entire, ever-changing crew members list.

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    you should probably request this on discord since waaaaay more people actively use that than the forums.


    but i don’t really see this being used often since a lot of crews don’t want everyone trusted, and even if you do want everyone trusted, you can just trust them when they join the crew.

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    We used to have the command but it did not automate the joining and leaving of crew members.

    I mean just imagine the programming, every time a crew member joins or leaves, one thread has to scan all claims in order to adjust perms. Or the actual claim plugin has to interlink with the crew plugin to see upon player action, if he/she is actually trusted via a connected crew.
    And just for the fun …. then the owner leaves the crew but doesn’t update the perms. Who or what is supposed to be triggered to adjust all perms again ? Does the claim perms stay with the original crew or transfer over to another?

    I am not saying it can’t be done, but it’s not gonna be easy 🙂

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    Yeah if it’s not worth the effort then i guess not. But its just annoying everytime I create a claim I have to go through the list again. Thank you however.

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    Heyo! There is a way to do this (though it is slightly bugged, sadly, so it isn’t a “fix all forever). The command is “/crew trust group.crewname” (where crewname is the name of your crew). For instance, for VISN, it’d be “/crew trust group.VISN”. What this does is it gives everyone in the VISN group access to that plot…. however, I do believe that newcomers (or Deckies, not sure) are not auto-trusted, so you’ll need to either specifically trust them, or redo that trust, or something else. This is a semi-fix, but is the best way currently in PMC to solve your problem.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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