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    Hey, so I doubt I’m the only one with this problem, but I have a very particular problem. I have inactive leaders in my crew.

    Now, normally you could just make another crew and redo everything or whatever, but I have other members in my crew that I don’t want to lose. Furthermore, I have put in quite a bit of $$$ into things like verification, a crew home (at one point), and other things. We’d also have to re-ally all the crews we are currently allies with, and many other things, all for the sake of removing some leaders from the crew. Now you may see my problem.

    My suggestion is quite simple: Either give a suggestion on how to fix it, or have a new “promotion” for the crews (perhaps called Captain, to fit the pirate-theme?). The “Captain” promotion (as I will refer to it for the remainder of this request) is the new highest promotion of the crew. There can only be 1 Captain in each crew, and he/she can demote leaders without the others having to vote. If there are any other vote-related things, this would also bypass it. Basically, Captain can bypass what you would normally need to vote on.

    Now, I realize that some crews (GUCS for example) do not want or need a person in a monarch-style position, which is why I would also recommend a setting be added, such as /crew fee. The setting would be /crew captain [promote/enable/disable] [playername], (or something to that effect) (only leaders can use this command). Each crew will begin with the Captain enabled, and auto-set the Captain promotion to the crew’s creator. Leaders can vote on enabling/disabling the Captain position, and obviously the Captain his/her self would be have auto-access to turning it off, without needing to vote. The /crew captain promote [playername] would be the same: Either the current Captain promotes someone, or the crew leaders vote on it. This solution would allow crews to choose whether they wish to be a monarchy or a democracy/republic, without overly complicating things and making sure the most efficient approach is used.

    In implementation of this modification to our crew plugin, I would suggest adding it with each crew, by default, having it on, and all crews that currently exist having it on as well. The Captain of all current crews would become the first leader in the leader list (Such as if a list were [PIPPIP5789, SkyChaosia, ChickenNoodYT, Koehe, MeadowYT, AielManX, BeanyMachine], the Captain would be PIPPIP5789. If the list were [ultracreeper, bowrilla, Nick_A_Naut], the leader would be ultracreeper. You get the idea.)

    This is my recommendation, but it is only just that: A recommendation. Now, I know that leaders are supposed to be chosen carefully, and I know that the Captain position is in no way a perfect solution, but something needs to be done. I have seen crews where the leaders go inactive, but the normal crewmembers are active. Please, consider this, and if you have any other ideas, please say them!

    Peace for all! Why do we descend into the chaos of our lives when we could live in harmony, without bloodshed, violence, or death? I will protect and defend my crew, my family, and let them enjoy as much peace as my life can offer.

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    Hello PIPPIP5789

    Thanks for your Suggestion.

    What you are asking for is a dictatorship role. This isn’t a new idea and has already been discussed in great detail, not only has it been discussed in great detail but better alternatives were thought of, implemented and posted in changelogs already.

    This “issue” was resolved a while ago with the addition of a percentage of crew leaders online need to demote another leader, currently set at 75%.

    This change happened on 29th August 2019 and this variable is available to change if a decent argument is made to change it.

    Not only that, but we have always had staff to remove leaders on request (If they meet requirements) for example for a perm banned member of a crew.

    This can be done on the forums

    or in a ticket



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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